Col Tim Collins in call for new Ulster TA Batt.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. Actually it does make some sense. Although i would rather that those who were capable, and willing, be offered careers within the remainder of the Regular Army.

    If not.....what a waste of manpower.
  3. Excellent proposal
  4. Absorb them into the rest of the army first, set up new unit, then disband them in the next round of cutbacks. It will only turn the TA into a political football and that`s the last thing it needs. Its job creation on the part of Unionists.
  5. and training.
  6. 1. Col Collins has never served in the HS R IRISH - he admitted this on the BBC NI Hearts & Minds program on Thur night. Many HS R IRISH Officers and Soldiers are getting pi-sed off about his utterings on this subject. He is making a lot of £ on the back of our situation. (I wonder how much his fee was for speaking at the UUP conference £4k???). When his Bn served in Tyrone he openly dispised the HS R IRISH and we remember things like this.
    2. His proposal is a non starter - many of the HS R IRISH will not join the TA. Its horses for courses - the HS roots are in the UDR and they joined to defend NI against terrorists. We are very very angry at the way we have been treated by HMG.
    3. The RANGERS (TA) are not even a full Bn - agreed under FAS(TA) they are to expand to a full Bn but they are currently understrength so expansion will be a struggle.
    4. Yes, the way the announcement was made on 01 Aug 05 was nothing short of scandelous. Because of this many HS R IRISH are just hanging on to see what the package is. When it is announced then and only then, will a lot of us will make decisions
  7. Damn, why not a second GS battalion? Or both another GS battalion AND a second TA battalion...and maybe a pony, too?
  8. HS R Irish were formed as the UDR were part of the Northern Problem and had to be taken under central control.

    The UDR heritage makes the HS R Irish a Unionist Sacred Cow, and their removal a republican Sacred cow. Politics, eh?

    However, Times Have Changed, and I suspect the attitudes present in the old UDR may have been eliminated by now, by this measure, the Republican objections to the HS should be taken with a grain of salt: Politics as Usual.

    The Unionists, and lets face it, most of the 3000 people in HS R Irish will be unionists, feel that they're taking another hit from the peace process, "yet another concession to them taig's". The feeling that their community is getting nothing from the peace process is preventing progress, and in the absence of progress the hard men are having their merry way about both communities.

    Addressing Unionist concerns is one of the stumbling blocks of the peace progress. Keeping a HS battalion, or creating a GS battalion from them, might be one definate way of achieving that. And if the UUP can claim some credit for that, so much the better. Trimble's UUP got the peace process to where it was two years ago. What has the Parsley achieved?

    However, I would like to see that anybody with a paramilitary connection is excluded from such a battalion. I mean, it'd be like having IRA in the PSNI.
  9. Did anyone ever address the 'UDR Problem' other than in general terms with nudging and winking?
    And does this not suggest that the 'UDR Problem' is still not cured?
    And who says they are not there already? Or, if not now, as part of Gerry and Co accepting PSNI?
  10. No need for the Provos to join the PSNI if the new Community Restorative Justice groups are pushed through as another concession.
    Dependant on the 'Guidelines' as the Criminal Justice Minister, David Hanson repeatedly turned to.
    Are these the same sort of guidelines that have had the McCartney family finally expelled from the Short Strand area of Belfast by the local populous/CRJ group.
  11. PHP:

    Community policing is a different story altogether

    Regarding the UDR aspects of the HS R IrishI've no doubt that there are some are the HS that look back and think of the good old days. 

    However, until I'
    ve some concrete proof that the UDA/UVF have the run of the battalionsI'd kinda give them the benefit of the doubt.

    However, if the opportunity was presented to sign a different contract to the HS one, then they should have to proove that they have no connections whatsoever with crime or paramilitaries. 

    So the jobs in the Unionist community could be saved, and at the same time any paramilitary who was on a cushy number booted out.
  12. The disregard shown here for the service of thousands in the UDR is scandalous.
  13. Easy to forget with the passing of time, and a bogus 'ceasefire' for the last ten years or so...and the vile betrayal of not just one British Government. They seem to have learned from the Provisional movement that if you keep a low profile on active policy decisions the public develops amnesia about them; later it becomes part of the reality of the situation and nobody makes any comment. A few years ago the 'unthinkable 'was being discussed in relation to allowing unreconstructed terrorists out of their cages, but now the soft and persistent voice in Tony's ear tells him that they should run the judicial apparatus. They aren't going to stop at that, either. If only the sort of common sense being told to the people in the Republic would reach those blasted ears, too.
  15. That was kinda my point. That the old UDR was very unrepresentitive of the whole society in Northern Ireland, and some of its soldiers viewed themselves as being there to protect the idea of Unionism.

    The R'Irish seems to have reduced that element, and maybe become more effective for it.

    I'd love to know the percentages, A question answered in Hansard said there was 25 officers and 175 men from the republic in the British forces