Col Robert Blair "Paddy" Mayne

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Punch, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Just watched a Sky channel series on military heroes. Last night's subject was Blair Mayne, whose exploits with the SAS were explained in graphic detail. He died in a motoring accident near his home having survived some of the most amazing encounters with enemy forces of WW2. His "kill rate" (by every possible means and opportunity apparantly) was phenomenal! Hitler personally put a price on his head. His lifestyle up to his death suggests he would not have found civilian life to his liking.
    There is a Blair Mayne Appreciation Society in Northern Ireland and a statue near his birthplace in Newtonards in County Down.
    Could we use someone like him today - or are the rules a little too stringent now?
  2. You've probably answered your own question.
  3. Should be VC and bar

    But he would go around decking Officers.
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  4. Agreed DodgerH - he could well have been VC and Bar - and in fact was recommmended for the VC As you say his habit of thumping people (to be fair usually those of senior rank to him!) probably affected this recommendation.
    The DSO and three bars and a variety of other awards more than testify to his qualities of courage and adventure.
    His last ten years until his death in 1955 were probably lived through the severest case of PTSD we could imagine - at a time when such a condition was virtually unrecognised. He became a heavy drinker; apparantly he could hold a lot, and crashed his car into a tree on his way home.
    Good thing he was on our side however.
  5. Off message post maybe, considering his pedigree. :wink: Ulsterman and famed for wartime escapades. Lot of stuff in the public doman/online. That's all I have to say anyway.
  6. Believe there's a statue in his hometown. Did the other one get his in Scotland?
  7. Yes at vast expense and somewhere were no one one could possibly appreciate it. :roll:
  8. Perhaps yes, somewhere hidden. Well, least he got one.
  9. True.
  10. Nuff said. I won't be saying owt else
  11. I believe they were from SASRA funds. He may have argued, had he still been alive, that the money could have been better spent.
  12. They were from SASRA funds and many many people donated, I imagine that those that donated were happy for the memorial to be commissioned and happy where it went. I'm sure that no member of the SASRA was disadvantaged because of it.
  13. Sven the SASRA doesn't have unlimited funds. So obviously it comes down to perceived priorities. I am merely suggesating that those members of the SASRA in priority need as well as those supporting them, might take a different view.
  14. IMO what you're suggesting is way off the mark. What you are saying is that the SASRA has had the memorial built whilst ignoring members requests for help. If you are a member of the SASRA and you think that then you should have made your objection known.