Col. Richard Kemp - Commander all British Forces in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Walt.R.Greenjacket, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Every time I switch on the radio or TV it seems that Col. Richard Kemp is being interviewed. This seems to be on the basis of the oft-repeated claim, usually by himself, that he had been


    I wonder whether anyone on here would be able to tell us when this happpened and how many British troops he commanded there, where, and for how long?
  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst we are on the subject of Colonels could you tell me why you called the Irish journo Kevin Myers 'Col' in your stupid tie thread?

    Just as a reminder...
  3. Yes, it is an honorary title, just like his honorary tie- sometimes, depending on how late the evening is, we promote him to Brigadier or even General! I have even heard the title Field marshall used on a rare occasion. Yes. Field Marshall Lord Myers sounds good.

    Now, can we please get back to the subject- the most famous Royal Anglian of our day?
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I am obliged but still baffled as to your opprobrium ref 'Mr' Myers.

    I only asked here as you ignored the same question from me in your pathetic tie thread now reposing in the ARRSEhole.
  5. "When this officer catches a train of thought it is on the guards van".

    The fact is he does seem to be on EVERY radio and TV channel ALL the time. I understand he is retired so is this maybe a new subtle type of army PR whereby he is actually still working for the army- but undercover, so to speak. If so, I wonder whether this is a good idea. Below he is even on Talksport with George Galloway.

    Galloway is supposed to be rather left-wing but in this short excerpt he comes across with very much the same position as General Dannatt in his excellent and well-thought book "Leading from the Front" which I am reading with great interest at the moment.

    Galloway,like Gen.Dannatt, questions why so much is spent on Typhoon, Trident, aircraft carriers etc. when the army is so disgracefully under-funded.

    In this excerpt, at least, Col. Kemp does come across as rather dim. As they used to say at Sandhurst

    " when this officer catches a train of thought it is on the guards van".

    YouTube - ‪George Galloway interviews Colonel Richard Kemp (Part 1)‬‏

    So, the question remains- how many troops de he have under command in Afghanistan?
  6. He was mentioned as being the Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan during defence questions in Parliament on 3 November 2003 (see Hansard) . At that time, British forces in theatre consisted of a couple of PRTs and a reduced light-role infantry battalion, mostly based in Kabul. This was before the entry into Helmand and the massive expansion of British forces in Afghanistan.

    You could have found out all of that yourself with 5 minutes research.
  7. I thought the epithet Col referred in this case to Columnist, cock on legs, or even cheesy oirish layabout. Thats perhaps because Ive always preferred to shorten Colonel to "Sir".

  8. Thank you,Wedge35,

    I have checked and it seems that he was in Kabul only for about 6 months in 2003 when Turkey was playing the lead role. Apparently he commanded little more than 1 Company (266 men) of Royal Anglians who used to do 1 patrol a week-on a Friday- in Kabul. Hardly in the same class as John Mc.Coll, Messenger or Richards who had serious numbers under command.

    Anyway, 2003 in Afghanistan was only slightly more hazardous than a normal Friday night in downtown Colchester.

    This is a very pro-Kemp post by a UN lobby group- Col.Kemp does seem to be "bigging" himself up, to be quite honest.

    YouTube - ‪Goldstone Gaza Report: Col. Richard Kemp Testifies at U.N. Emergency Session‬‏
  9. So he should from now on be referred to on TV as "Col Richard Kemp who commanded British forces in Afghanistan, although nothing was happening at the time so it doesn't really count, what a poofter"

    Is this the biggest thing you have to wrry about?
  10. Well, that and neckties.
  11. Fair dues, he's done some brilliant book reviews on Arrse-

    and, no doubt, he'll be doing some more when his next book is published.
  12. No- "Col. Kemp commanded a company of Royal Anglians in Kabul for a short while in 2003" would be much, much nearer to the truth.

    Is this the biggest thing you have to wrry about?

    No- I am not worried at all- I just know that the British Army could do much better in the way of experienced spokespeople.

    What I find even more interesting as I read "Leading from the Front" by General Dannatt.

    Danatt describes 2006 as being one of the toughest years ever for the British Army with the Army very over-stretched in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, that was the year that Col. Kemp decided to resign from the army. Interesting, that.
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    Tell the truth, what is your real gripe with Col.Kemp, has he shagged your wife,daughter or dog.

    Anyway, I can say; HHH was the commander of all British forces in quite a few places like, sangars, landrovers even a town once!!!
  14. Why? What links are you trying to make or innuendo are you clumsily making?

    Please clarify your position as I think you are implying that Kemp was windy? If that's the case then that's an incredibly crass and stupid thing to do (and very very rare on arrse). If you don't show your logic I suggest we start collecting Oxygen Thief votes for you.

    Either way I think you're a contemptible fool.
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