Col (Retd) Bob Stewart MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Billy_Rubin, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before, but a quick search didn't seem to show anything up...

    Col Bob MP

    Looks like the old bugger has landed himself a seat! Quite surprised really, as I had not heard he was moving into politics? Most of what I have heard from him is providing the BBC with soundbites on a plethora of military issues.

    I personally have never had the pleasure of meeting or working with him, but I am well aware of his reputation in the armed forces; some good, some.....not so good.

    Should the people of Beckenham be worried or have they landed themselves a good ex-officer?
  2. He was quite outspoken in favour of the army as a commentator. Politics may change him, but I'd still rather have a man like him who has seen something beyond a University library as a politico!
  3. A very nice bloke, had a great argument with him on BBC Radio Wales about the new Aircraft carriers
  4. toomuch to hope they'd have him on the defense committee :(
    be nice to think they'd have someone who actually knew something about the matter in hand*

    * yes he's pro army and been out a while
  5. well done Mr stewart,

    Interesting developments lay ahead within this Government & hopefully the influence input from Bob & Richard will strategically show in the SDR.
  6. On a slightly releated theme, Gerald Howarth MP has picked us a PUSS job at the MoD. Very impressed with him when I met him.
  7. Fair one. I guess he has to be an improvement on the usual specimen of politician. I am always impressed when an ex-forces chap ventures into politics - something I could never do (too much dirt to be dished and too many naked bar photos out there!)

    I trust he will serve to lead, honesty, integrity, etc, etc, ad nauseam. At least he has been taught these values early on in his life.
  8. and of course his reputation for, ahem, the odd misdemeanour , should enable him to fit in well at Westminster...
  9. This is the man who could not understand why the RM chaps in the Sprogs Olypics video were naked or wearing dresses?

    (Oh, by the way, on this side of the pond it is Defence)
  10. He will need to find his way about Westminster before maybe joining the DEFENCE team in due course.

    So, I for one welcome The Honourable and Gallant Member for Beckenham: Colonel Bob Stewart, DSO, MP.

    PS: I wonder if he clash with that other 'military man' Mr. Joyce?
  11. I'd hope for a fistfight on the floor of the Commons!
  12. It's all right, there's always a former CGS to sort things out.
  13. Met him, seems like an OK bloke, guys I know from 1 Cheshire thought he had good and bad points, but no one is perfect.....are they Bob!?.
  14. Not forgetting Adam Holloway MP for Gravesham, also ex-Army and a really upstanding bloke.

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  15. Guys,

    if you believe that a slack handful of ex-forces backbenchers is going to do much to protect the military from the financial carnage to come, then good luck to you. Me, I think you would be better employed adding some mealie bags to the ramparts and perfecting your rendition of 'Men of Harlech' - because there is a very big Treasury impi on the skyline …