Col Potter,US Army M*A*S*H 4977 aka Harry Morgan, RIP

He was one of my favorite actors,from Col Potter in M*A*S*H to Chummy MacGregor in the Glenn Millar Story.

Harry Morgan, the prolific character actor best known for playing the acerbic but kindly Colonel Potter in the long-running television series “M*A*S*H,” died on Wednesday morning at his home in Los Angeles. He was 96. His son Charles confirmed his death, saying Mr. Morgan had been treated for pneumonia recently
RIP Harry Morgan - i recall as a kid watching him in Dragnet with Jack Webb (note for young'uns, US cop show set in Los Angeles)


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I wonder if Radar knows.

I liked HM as an actor. He was one of the actors who always seemed to play himself. No change to accent or mannerisms. A bit like Connery, Caine and Moore.
He was a prolific character actor. He played with James Stewart in two 1950s movies and didn't change his voice or mannerisms in neither one. (He played Jimmy's best bud in "The Glenn Miller Story" and an enlisted Air Force crew chief on Jimmy Stewart's battling B-36 bomber in "Strategic Air Command") RIP, "COL Potter".

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