Col Lindsay Late of the BW Speaks Out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. valid points but will anybody listen?
  2. I think the Scottish Bns were given quite enough special treatment as it is. Please don't accuse Gen Jackson of fighting the last war and illustrate it by the purchase of Eurofighter - he is CGS after all!

    Anyhow 7500 redundancies are the penalty that the RAF are paying for this air superiority, er sorry multi-role fighter.
  3. Don't know what this man is complaining about. After all, wouldn't the most appropriate name for any new "Scottish" infantry regiment be the Royal Fiji Highlanders. Now many of the Mc Suvearulus’ are there in the Regiments now? Although I do note that the M4 Tonga Rifles won the Army Rugby this week.
  4. Absolutely, you can't blame the POD for subs and planes, even shiny new ones. Apart from the fact that he's CGS, with little influence on Crabair or Grey Funnel Line procurements, he must have been a PC when they started up the Euroflugwaffe gravy train. I've heard of sins of the fathers but this is a bit rich! 8O
  5. He has some very valid points. But by accident, he has highlighted the current attitude of this Army where it's Officers are only interested in thier own careers and are encouraged to do so through the actions of thier superiors.

    This article may have been intended to direct the reader's attention to the plight of the Black Watch and other Jock Bns, but it travels wider than I think it's orator had considered.

    There is a culture in todays Army that encourages people to think only of thier own interests.

    The British Legion Motto of 'Service not self' is lost on the leadership of this organisation and this affects us all.
  6. About 150 out of 3200 in the Scottish Div last time I heard. There are 1400 spread across the non-Jock section of the army.
  7. Such as?

    If what is happening is fine and acceptable for English Bns let it happen to English Bns. Don't blame Scottish Bns if they have been fought for and ground made.
  8. well put :wink:
  9. Col Lindsay made some very good points, when Infantry are needed in bigger numbers, it seems stupidity to cut these instead of increasing. Are we not seeing a new war similar to NI of the 70s where boots on ground was the only way to control and win, not technology!

    Once again the MoD is subjected to cuts it cannot afford to suffer just to keep one tight Chancellor happy :evil:

    And as for the POD and his bunch of cronies, I totally agree with Col Lindsay, they have sold thier soul to the devil and may he abuse them as they thoroughly deserve.

    Now as for Jock Regiments getting a "special" deal! Hate to have seen how they could have been shafted any more if you can call this a "special" deal :roll:
  10. Good on the colonel, the only thing I disagree with is his dress sense (but he is a hoffica I guess) 8O

    In my humble opinion, if the scotish colonels wanted to protect the Scotish regiments, and not their own careers, they should have resigned together

    this would have been a powerful statement of unity and would show how much soldiers are against these cuts (that's cuts, not changes)

    instead they minced their words, and have settled for a scheme that will surely see the demise of scotish regimental identity within the next decade

    surely these colonels already have the age and grounds to retire, not that they would find it hard to get work in the public sector thanks to the old boys network. instead they have sold out the real soldiers who will have to pay the price
  11. :?:Special treatment someone said.Yea.Two tours to Iraq in quick succession and ten rounds with the infiltrators at Camp Dogwood.That's special treatment all right!
    And lads,in case some of you haven't noticed,the regiments campaigners from the north of Hadrian's wall have been turning out IN FORCE, to support their brother infantry regiments, throughout the U.K. in their efforts to save ALL U.K. infantry regiments for the future.
    I HAVE IN MY POSSESSION A PERSONAL LETTER FROM GENERAL JACKSON,in which he sets out the agenda for the Armed Forces of the future.Unfortunately, in among all those phrases you have seen in the press and repeated in the Commons,he made a slip.By his admission,the reorganisation of the regiments is "regretable,but it could have been more."
    GIVES YOU CONFIDENCE ABOUT THE DECISION MAKING DOESN'T IT?These proposals scare the living daylights out of me each time I re-read them.
    Who said it wasn't about money?
    All our U.K. regiments have fine traditions.You only have to read their histories to know that.Each man among you, will of course have a particular pride and association with your own.So does Colonel Lindsay.
    The points he put to the press so succinctly on Friday, are totally correct.
    We should not be cutting regiments at a time of overstretch and when national and world security is so threatened.
    If ALL sensible soldiers do not work together, to save ALL THE U.K. INFANTRY REGIMENTS THREATENED BY THIS PLAN; you had better start to figure out if your regiment is next.

    from Churchill
    "Victory at all costs,victory in spite of terror,victory however long and hard the road may be;for without victory there is no survival!"
  12. Excellent post roman. Well said
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    In my experience, Col's do not put anything in front of their careers except their tongues until such time as they're passed over. Then, amazingly, they discover a huge range of wrongs to rant about. Rather like retiring US Generals who don't make Chief Of Staff.
  14. very well said indeed Roman, our leaders have lost all pride and dignity and our selling the Army out.