Col Jorge Mendonca and others cleared - just out on BBC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Von-Ryan, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. See Breaking news........

    Common sense prevails.
  3. In typical UK gobment fashion, this was a fückin' long time coming. But at least justice was served and the right decision reached. It should never have got this far in the first place.

  4. Common sense and a lack of credible evidence. :thumright:

    Well done to all. I eagerly await the full and frank apology that you individually will receive from the MOD. :pissedoff:

  5. Although they will be relieved, i cant help but think that they wont feel too gratefull to the MoD.
  6. Good work. Hope Col Mendonca and the others are now free to return to work.
  7. Quite. And stand by for some interesting recompense claims......
  8. Setting aside the rights and wrongs of bringing this case, or the qty/quality of sp they received from the C of C both whilst it was ongoing and hereafter, or the fact that justice has been seen to be done, the simple reality is that the life will have been completely sucked out of the majority of these guys, and it is unlikely they will have the heart to continue to serve. Same happened to Tim Collins.

    Our loss, the enemy's (and this noun is used a pretty wide-ranging sense) gain.

  9. Standby for the huge lawsuits against the MOD to come !!
  10. Jorge Mendonca should now begin the process of seeking just compensation for the shoddy and spiteful way he and his fellow (now acquitted) accused have been treated. A combination of back sliding politicians with a disgraceful agenda and a senior army officer motivated by an equally nefarious agenda must now feel the true consequences of their actions.

    His career has been blighted; he and his family have suffered months of uncertainty and complete lack of any 'top cover' from those he thought he might count on. They are all tainted by their unwillingness to stand up and be counted. JM is an effing good soldier - unworthy of this shameful episode and he would certainly have never treated his subordinates in the
    underhand and disloyal way he has been treated.

    I hope he makes zillions of squiddies.
  11. Really? A bloke died and some detainees were roughed up. The incident was investigated as it has to be in this day and age. The legal bods felt that there was a case to answer, a judge thought otherwise. Why does everyone automatically have a right to claim huge wads of compensation when they are investigated for a crime these days?
  12. Yes. Really. Nothing is ever quite as it seems......
  13. Good news. However as P_L says I don't think those concerned will be pleased with being hung out to dry by the MoD.

    Imagine if they'd been found guilty though - it would show that sh!t can roll up hill. If it could make it to the CO it would have been able to go higher. Although I can't see Bliar ever being put in a dock he, amongst others, must have been a little worried!
  14. Meaning?