Col Hackworth. Hero or Pain in the Ass?

Just read, "Steel My Soldiers Hearts" and saw the Soldiers For The Truth website. Personally feel Hack is bang on the money. How is he thought of in the US? Was/Is he influential?
Issimondias said:
Sad news, although Col Hackworth passed away in 2005.

I read his book 'About Face' and he seemed like a damned good soldier to me.

I don't think you will find many that wouldn't acknowledge, that he was a great combat leader and soldier, in his time.
I lost all respect for him when he started working with or for CNN, and started touting that he was a journalist.

and here is a blurb to remember him by:
In both cases, Hackworth says the mistakes were made by the Army, not him. Before he died, Boorda said he thought he had earned the medals in question during service in the Vietnam War.

"The minute I found that the qualification didn't pertain to me, I zapped it," Hackworth said, referring to the entry on his Internet page. He contends that there was no comparison of his situation with Boorda's.

In a column written shortly after Boorda's death, Hackworth said: "It is simply unthinkable an experienced officer would wear decorations he is not entitled to, awards that others bled for. There is no greater disgrace," he wrote.

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