Col. Hackwork is dead

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ctauch, May 5, 2005.

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  1. Well at 74 was to be expected. Was a great advocate for the frontline solider.

    RIP Sir
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Sorry to hear that.

    RIP Hack.
  3. not meaning to be ignorant but who is this gentlemen..
  4. Colonel David Hackworth US Army (retd)
  5. Thanks for the info, sounds like the kind of guy that should be at the top but inevitably will never get there...

    Might buy one of his books
  6. He didnt know when to keep his mouth shut. Had he done so he would have certainly been a general officer but I suspect he ruffled too many feathers and was too friendly with the press.
  7. Since Gulf War 1.0, he's slowly drifted off the deep end. The respect he earned from Vietnam and his book were squandered on some absolutely nonsensical claims starting during Desert Shield up to OIF.

    The real tragedy was occasionally he had some pretty cogent opinions, but they were drowned out by his diatribes. Ultimately, he was ignored by the rank and file of the Army; because he had nothing useful to contribute. His pandering to get his views published didn't sit well us either...
  8. RIP Col. 'Hack'...
  9. He was indeed a larger than life character and in his Vietnam years and after spoke for the soldier, cutting through a lot of the bullsh*t. unfortunately T-P is right. He ended up blighting his own name and lost a lot of credibility. Was highly critical of British Forces over the years.

    Still what we wouldn't do to have a few full-on soldiers presenting the reality of soldiering to the media today?
  10. I hvae just read one of his obituaries.

    Among his many achievments in Vietnam, he started up a brothel for his lads, and was Francis Ford Coppola's inspiration for this character..


    Respect.. :D
  11. He wrote a CRACKING book about his career called "About Face" - read it!!!! It's in paperback now.

    Can't help thinking though he might have acheived more if he had stayed in the US Army and worn the stars he so richly deserved. Didn't do bad for a boy who ran away and joined up at 15.

    R.I.P. Hack.
  12. That's nice, wouldn't want to spend too much time on the bloke would we? Sh1ts.
  13. Respect. Unfortunately individuals of his calibre and magnestism are all dying out...