Col Dick Strawbridge. Anyone serve with him?

Yes, I did serve with him. Yes he was a top O.C. And had I any dirt on him, why would you want it? :roll:
I don't it was a throwaway comment. I thought maybe Emperor Mong might have visited even him :)
Having watched a couple of those "its not easy being green" programmes I always wondered where he got his money from.

He comes across as a genial nutty professor type to me.

I seem to remember he likes a beer as well.
He was adjutant when I was a young sprog-seemed ok, always said good morning which was more than most of RHQ in that location did. Seems very good at what he does now.
He was my Troop OC when I joined Harrogate at the age of 17, Some years later i was going through my dads attic and found a letter from him to my parents to let them know how i was getting on.

Whether all OC's did this for the Kids, I don't know but i thought it was a nice touch
He was the regimental rugby player/coach at Birgelen in 88/89

top bloke and nice to see him doing well and enjoying life.

just like me!!
Maj Dick Strawbridge was my Sqn OC (Penney) at AAC Harrogate in 1989-90ish. From what I remember he was a very fair bloke and certainly inspiring to the young lads under his command. I must add that his 'tache was mahoosive then as well, it was the talking point of the kids there due to most peoples' lack of ability to grow a top-lip-slug. Fondly remembered, especially since I saw him in his crazy alter-ego on Scrapheap Challenge.

Jimmys_Mate - I probably know you? Check PMs mate.

PS Happy New Year all, especially Dick if you read this! :D
Was my Sqn OC 89/90 area also (so I may well also prob know Jimmy and P-H).

Top bloke and definately one of the better OC that I recall through my time. As stated, tash was a significant talking point amongst the troops.
When he did "Scrapheap" didn't he have two of his brothers on his team?

edit for mong spelling
I met him three-ish years ago when he was a contractor assisting with Bowmanisation of a CR2 Regt. Top bloke, very down to earth, and not afraid of getting his hands dirty. Not at all rank conscious either, which was nice.

Deleted 20555

Where did "It's not easy being green!" actually originate from? If they copied off WoW (Orc Joke - you have to be there) not that impressive but if WoW (9 million players) copied it from the good Colonel then the man is a LEGEND!!

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