Col Collins resignation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nurse, Jan 11, 2004.

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  1. according to the midnight news Col Collins of the Royal Irish Regiment Has resigned. According to report his wife said it was over political correctness.
  2. Not surprised in the least!
    The Army's loss.
  3. The man has done his 22 years. Enough for anyone.
    As i said here at the time it was going to be vital that he felt supported during the investigation of those charges by that bastard spam.
    Giving him a new job with a few people muttering approval wasn't enough.
    When you are a person of integrity to be falsely accused and have your reputation damaged is just about the worst thing that can happen to you.
    But even whilst resigning this good man makes his biggest statement in defence of the troops who are unsupported by the government.

    Enjoy your retirement mate and quit smoking those stinky cigars :wink:

    ''Tim is no longer convinced that the army reflects the country with the fourth largest economy in the world,'' she was quoted as saying. ''He fears it is becoming a cottage industry.

    ''He's worried it is being crippled by political correctness, petty bureaucracy and the refusal of politicians who send British soldiers to war to give them enough money to do their job.''

    I'll bet he resigned the very next day after finding out about Hoons medal.
    Good for him
  4. His resignation speaks volumes, I hope the government are proud of themselves, a sad loss, a truly honourable man.
  5. unfortunatley it won't mater a damm to that bunch of half wits. Yep an Honourable man. He should go into politics this country need a leader like him.
  6. My Philosophy on the Army

    1. Lots of bright young men & women join the Army
    2. Lots of bright young men & women get fcuked about by people with the IQ of a Stickleback.
    3. Lot of bright young men & women get pissed off with illiterate clowns and leave the Army.
    4. Lunatics left in the forces are promoted as there are no bright young men & women left serving.
    5. Lots of bright young men & women join the Army.
    6. Lots of bright young men & women get fcuked about by people with the IQ of a Stickleback…….
    7. etc etc etc….

    Groundhog Day!!!!

    Why am I still serving??? I just want to break tradition and make a difference…

    Your views???
  7. Col Tim's resignation is Hoon's real reward, not some plastic gong issued by the spams.

    How very sad that the Army is to lose such a fine man, but how typical of him that he acts over what he thinks is right, rather than just talking about it.

    When will the Very Senior Officers realise that good people will keep leaving if they don't stand up to all the crap?
  8. Its on the front page of the Sunday Mail (my wife reads it). From what he's said, it's hard not to agree with him, particularly on the 'political correctness' thing. It's taking over, but there are those on this site who advocate it and they are (or appear to be), serving soldiers. The rot has set in and it'll never leave now.

    The article is spread over 2 pages and is too long to repeat here word for word (unless your name is BB or Forces Sweetfart or one of these other 'cut & paste, 'cos no-one here buys newspapers' clowns).

    It's a shame that he is leaving, but there will be a number of people already reading the seniority list and waiting to replace him. He'll be fokelore for a fortnight and then forgotten. I'm not interested in what he was alleged to have done in Iraq nor am I interested in what a hard nose he was. I wish there were more like him. Sadly, it's all 'career', 'career', 'career', nowadays and his parting will be looked upon as a golden opportunity by lesser men to advance theirs.

    I wish him and his family the very best of luck for their collective futures.

    The Army deserves to lose men of this calibre.
  9. It is a very sad day indeed that this happened, but at least he does not have to watch his back now.

    I wish him and his family Fair Winds.
  10. Quote from the Telegraph, it has a great sports page honest.

    "Tim is nolonger convinced that the army reflects the country with the
    fourth largest economy in the world. He fears it has become a cottage

    HOW SAD BUT TRUE....! 8)
  12. I hope Whitehall are pretty damned proud of themselves.

    This Army of which I have been so fond of is slipping deeper and deeper into a casm, out of which it will never be able to recover, unless somebody at the top starts to read this site and realise the truth.

    We can't even recruit British soldiers. Those other nationals we do recruit have differing abilities in the English language. So what do they do.........the ones that hardly speak our language are made clerks and pay accountants. The failure rate at Worthy Down is enormous. For gods sake, they are not all bad....and some make fine soldiers, but come on............there is a line that has to be drawn.

    But as Killroy knows........Say anything and the PC of the PC Police will arrest you and burn you in hell.

    But let us not forget that this could be a good reason for the Goon and TB Liar to press for the Euro Army they so much want.

    My Grandfather is turning in his grave.
  13. ahhhh......come on thats now way to speak about the Jocks.......they do try to learn the lingo :lol:
  14. why do you think the OJAR?Confidential reporting system has been so emphasised.