Col Collins' defence cut warning

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Oct 6, 2004.

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    The army officer whose speech to his troops in Iraq brought him global fame has called on the government to reverse planned defence cuts.
    Colonel Tim Collins - a guest speaker at the Conservative conference in Bournemouth - said it was no time to reduce Britain's defences.

    And he warned cuts would affect the standard of training - potentially putting battlefield troops at risk.

    He said cuts would relegate the British army to the "also-rans of Europe".

    Good Man :D
  2. Well said sir! Unfortunately, it is a bad sign when officers of the calibre of Col. Collins feel so disillusioned that they leave the Army.
  3. Shame he party politicised his speech though. If Labour can plead ignorance, what's the Tories excuse?
  4. The problem is that most of the british population, like the rest of the western world (Yanks excepted) seem to have placed a goodly distance between where their opinions lie and reality, throw in a bit of confusing consultant speak and your away on doing something that the electorate vaguely approve of on a hazey "Kittens good, Bombs bad" collective outlook on the world.

    It would be dodgy enough in peacetime, but there is a rather noticeable global conflict underway...its sort of like closing hospital wards during an epidemic.
  5. Where did you get this kittens good concept from? In my view, kittens are evil. Pure evil I tells ya.

  6. Spread the word, many Irish politicians are against obtaining much of the heavy equipment the republic needs on the basis that it will inevitably result in the death of newborn kittens and or if you can just figure a way to blacken the good name of orphans.

    Collins isnt exactly a sweetheart of the left and I cant imagine that speaking at the tory conference will help since his message isnt going to reach anyone whos going to vote for the Tories or UKIP, which is rather a lot of people.
  7. IM, Cead Mile Failte

    With Eire's excellent reputation inthe field of peacekeeping, I am puzzled as to the requirement for heavy equipment. Some of us still remain envious of the Nissan Patrol. Perhaps an enhanced maritime capability would help to keep us all safe from errant Canadian submarines and compliment the needs of the ISPS code?

    The B Specials might still have a few Hotspurs tucked away in the 6 counties, but I suspect that Mr Bin Laden's boys have now ensured that the RAF are, once again, ready to scramble at a minutes notice; should the Hotspurs start to move south.

    As a thick brit, I would be interested to hear what other requirements there might be?
  8. I reckon the Irish do need a bit more heavier equipment... not so much to protect against an invasion - that's not looking too likely as our only resource are potatoes!... but because we should taking on our responsibilities overseas - not shirking them... by this I mean we should be playing our part in Iraq and other places... the peacekeeping stuff is good but i don't think its quite enough...

    my two cents from an even thicker paddy...

  9. Now that is a concept I can relate to.

    The origins of this thread highlight the island's rich and proud military heritage. I know some families that fought the Hun with the Micks and the Connaughts, whilst brothers fought the Brits with the RA.

    let's hear some more...
  10. At the risk of going OT, about 200-300 Extra trucks (Not neccesarily what you'd call heavy but anyway) a fire support and or cav vehicle capable of withstanding 12.7mm and prefereable an RPG or two (Im talking MBTs basically), MLHs more tubes, 155s more ATGMs, Enough APCs for a brigade group... you know the little things that make it possible to fight as an army or contribute seriously to peace "enforcement".

    You and I know that theres no real difference between operations to win a war and operations to end one in progress anymore.
  11. Wonder how Tim feels ,now Soames has u-turned on Howard's statement?
  12. Tim Collins for PM
  13. Col Collins was my CO for 2 years and i was there in Iraq when he gave his "Great Speech" and i am very proud to say that he was a great ****** and his speech was wrote by the press for the press. :?
  14. I've known Tim Collins, on and off, since 1988 as an acquaintance rather than a friend. His politics aren't his most subtle aspect and amongst people who know him better than I do, opinion seems to be split between those who think he is the best thing since sliced bread and those who... er... don't. I'm told that his dining out as CO 1 R Irish - which took place before Telic kicked off - was an interesting event.

    Would he make a good MP? Possibly, but you really need someone who will relate well to their constituents across the board and take a genuine interest in their problems. Anyway, time will tell whether he is genuinely going to have a pop at it.
  15. Col Collins sounds like a good blokey, But the Torys!!! The politcal party led by 4 eyed chimp and starring the blue rinse brigade (next for telic) :p . Should have got him on BBC news or something, Higer Profile