Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Operator, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what a COIN / PSO exercise is all about? I have just volunteered to play CivPop on one and now am wondering what I've got in to. Many thanks.
  2. Someone else will give an appropriate serious answer, but dont try any looting :wink:
  3. Well COIN stands for Counter Insurgency, not sure about PSO. Something about Public Order training perhaps.

    This isn't the CivPop Ex at Sandhurst you are talking about?
  4. Terra Firma, perchance?

    Peace Support Operation/Counter Instrugency training, basically. You'll be throwing potatoes at a baseline, and giving OCdts some sh*t as they stand there trying to be professional. Do all you can to mess them about. If there's a chick squaring up to you, just calmly face her down and say breathily, "My God, woman, I bet when you were born they slapped your face to make you cry...". With any luck, and with similar comments, she'll fold and start sniffling, you will have saved the Army valuable trg time, and she will realise that if she starts sobbing at some 18 yr old giving her verbal, she isn't going to do brilliantly when it's No Duff. But, that never happened in real life, did it? Oh, hang on...

    Also, when they slap their shields, and start shouting "Get BACK!", just stand your ground and yell "**** OFF!". And if you end up being cast as a 'lady of the night' (and you're a chick - can't stress that enough), you are obliged under Army Act 1955 to put out. Multiple times. There are other things, but I'll leave it for now...
  5. Did civpop at NITAT (when it was still called that) years ago. What a laugh! Three weeks of being paid to do the things I would have been arrested for a few years earlier. :lol:
  6. Broadsword, you volunteered too P_M?

    Cheers for the replies guy, I'm looking forward to it. Especially seeing as i'm doing the same stuff again (except also playing Good Guys) in summer.

    Sounds like a laugh.
  7. Peace Support Operations
  8. Operator: We were told about it on our last drill night.

    Might do a couple of the days.
  9. Keep an eye out for the muppet on the baseline who really can't control his temper. Bate him but stand back when he takes a swing at you 'cos he will have an armadillo shield or a baton (even the trg ones welt) and you'll have nothing but a grotty Tshirt on. If he's really pished off then off will come his helmet and it'll soon start swinging. (for some reason jocks seem pretty good at getting the red mist on!)

    Don't get dragged around the back of a veh - you'll get a good hiding!!!

    Nonetheless it's great fun especially if you identify the prat who throws his teddy out the window within ten seconds of the riot starting and you can accurately throw a spud/used baton round/lump of wood.

    Listen to what the DS say too - you may think that you have the best idea around for rioting - particularly if you're a Jacket or a scouser; you haven't and you'll just fcuk up the ex for the guys in trg. the DS will be wanting to put the comds under pressure, not nec the blokes on the baseline, so do as they want you to do - normally it produces some even funnier scenarios!!!

    Don't wear your best civvies either!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: