Probably not as the MOD flogged loads off to Annngtomn Homes for a pitance. Most quarter area's do not have enough quarters to house married personnel as it is at the present!!

Oh belive me i know, Im already in SFA as i have my kids living with me , it's just a shame my partner and her daughter cant live with me as we are un-married !
Would deffinatly make my life a lot easier !!
Will there ever be a time when un-married family's will be allowed to occupy SFA ???
Never say never...

But the message from COs a while ago (it must have been 2008, I think) was that allowing unmarried partners to occupy SFA was likely to lead to an increase in problem tenancies (aka irregular occupancies). With the shortage of SFA in a lot of locations, they were generally against the idea.

Give the Army another 5-10 years and the rules might change but don't count on it. It won't be very high up the current list of "must-dos".

As has been pointed out on here many times, if you want to take advantage of SFA, then marry the lady!

And I do so love a wedding....! :)


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