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Coffee Machine Explosion In Sainsburys



In this instant, I don't think they have grounds to mocha claim! It's all just hot water!


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No doubt they will milk it for all its worth, and just to sugar the brew will call Lawyers 4 You.


Bet those lawyers won't leave it till it's to latte to claim! Otherwise the courts will be choca!
It's going to Costa someone a lot of money. If this happened in Americano then surely they would sue. The longer that this type of thing is left to brew, the less chance of a result.
Things have been brewing for a while, it was only a matter of time before it all boiled over. The H&S staff are going to have to wake up and smell the coffee, even if it's not quite their cup of tea.
I think they should latte sleeping dogs lie. No point in making a blue mountain out of a molehill after all, is there? I expect they'l grind out a solution.
This incident has left me absolutely steaming. Once they filter out who is to blame I hope they get a right dusting. And a box of those little almond biscuits shoved up their arse (sorry I ran out out of wit there).
I once had a coffee in Sainsbury’s, it tasted so awful I went to complain. I went up to the counter clutching my paper cup…………….

‘Excuse me madam this coffee tastes like dirt’

The woman behind the counter replied

‘That’s not surprising sir, it was just ground this morning’

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