Coffee keeps you awake

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by putteesinmyhands, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Lorry drivers who drink coffee 'cut their crash risk'

    Yet the medical profession tell us that if you have two caffeinated drinks, you'll have a job getting to sleep. Besides, isn't napping while driving dangerous?

    Personally, I don't think it's the caffeine that benefits alertness, it's the background activity. You feel your eyelids dropping so you reach for your cup - it's the stimulus of movement that breaks the monotony. You'd get the same effect by smoking a cigarette, sucking sweeties or wolfing down sandwiches.

    The most effective stimulus provided by the Army that I've experienced was reaching into my haverbag in the wee hours during a night time convoy move to find a hard boiled egg complete with shell. Carefully peeling the shell off in total darkness dispelled any thought of sleep.
  2. In other news, pope is Catholic and bears defecated in heavily foliated areas.

    I think the two drinks and a nap thing is meant to:
    1) Mean "stop, then..."
    2) The idea is that caffeine doesn't kick in straight away - so drink, have a nap and when you wake you'll be suitably stimulated.

    I've always felt that exercise is a good way of countering sleep.
  3. Command_doh

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    Why did this even get posted?
  4. Thinking about earning a crust does it for me.
  5. Tesco are doing their coffee sachets half-price again, including a new "Strong" variety. That is all.
  6. what? have you ever really driven long distances? ie not just an exercise but days/weeks of toil behind the wheel? no proper rest for a long period makes it worse. living around a 'motorway / port enviornment' is unnatural, dangerous and has little comfort which turns fatigue into an agonising struggle against sleep.

    its not just being 'a bit sleepy' its sometimes a case of the brain simply shutting down...trying to startle/stimulate your brain into working when its trying constantly to shut-down and close off.

    the army has always tried to create awareness about fatigue. 'Don't Die Of Fatigue' posters used to be in barracks.
    of course there are standards and hours etc all enforced. although cometh the day...the enemy won't respect your driving hours etc! so its always good to be aware of how to drive/fight etc beyond your usual limits.

    little tricks and snacks etc help but when you have consumed every kind of food, drink and sweet known to man, plus the insides of your mouth, used cold air, music/media, singing, talking etc etc ...sometimes you need something else!!

    yes a rest helps but sometimes it wont help much, only delay the effects a little, or you are unable to sleep (such as in a cab or noisy hotel)

    jetlag + fatigue is also something which can induce sleep without much warning. it can be lethal.

    they call the apple the truck driver's friend as yes, doing something other than driving can stimulate the brain. but a dose of caffeine (ranging from small to massive depending on the conditions) sometimes the only way drivers can avoid micro-sleeps if you really do have to drive hundreds of miles in a day and the going is not always easy.

    but this kind of thing should be built into driver training anyway.
  7. You can't sleep if you're laughing out loud, obviously not the best method to stay awake in an OP and I used to get some odd looks on the bike, but give it a go in the car, it works.
  8. Do not have sex while driving because it makes you sleepy.