Coffee, how do you like yours?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_rigger, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Personally I like my coffee like my women.

    Ground up and in the freezer.
  2. Whatever happened to coffee and why can't you buy one anywhere anymore?
    Now it's all double de-caff, skinny latte-mocchiato,frapacino with a shot of syrup.WTF has gone wrong with the world? I just want a strong NATO standard white with two sugars coffee, but can you get one- no. Fcuking Starbucks, Costa and Cafe frickin Nero. :twisted:

    OOPs have drunk too much coffee this morning :oops:
  3. Popped into a coffee shop the other day and decided I fancied a hot chocolate. Was quite impressed when the thing appeared and had a mountain of squirty cream and half a dozen marsh mallows sticking out the top. I enjoyed it.

    I like my coffee made just with hot milk instead of water. I'm getting a taste for latte's and cappowotsits too. also Mocha is good. I quite like coffe shops where you can just sit and chill reading the paper and chatting to folk with long hair, dreadlocks, lots of rings through their noses etc who think they are intellectual.

    Quite like the noise that those big coffee making machines make too.

    Coffee shops. Cool places to kill half an hour when your doing the christmas shopping. The town nearest to where I live has lots of them.
  4. Coffee shops have good points however lets be honest isnt the pub better ??
  5. Coffee is on my black list along with Marmite, both having a tendency to make me projectile vom :x .

    A good strong sweet cuppa you can stand your spoon in is just the thing for me, at least you can order it anywhere without some spotty faced mong wanting to put cream/syrup/chocolate etc in it.
  6. Yes but the ear ache you get from your missus when you're late home stinking of coffee isn't quite as ferocious.
  7. Black!

    Is it possible to have 'normal' black coffee these days?

    Starbucks don't seem to be able to manage it "do you want ethical non gender orientated racially friendly coffee,sir?"

    If the taste isn't better, or it isn't cheaper,I'm not interested.I thought that was the whole point of using third world labour!?!
  8. Negerschweiss :lol:
  9. I prefer tea, but also like it like I like my women.

    With a large hairy f-anny and an arssehole that could accommodate a fluorescent light.

    And one sugar
  10. Convoy always a man of taste and discernment.

  11. Isn't if funny how one word can have you pouring the coffee down the sink and reaching for the tea bags? 8O
  12. Hot (preferably), sans cow-juice and served by a couple of fluffers with huge norks and dubious morals
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Julie Andrews....

    White nun.
  14. I like a floccamoccachoccaskinnylattechino with a double shot of espresso, shot of caramel, chocolatesprinkles and natural cane sugared..........and a bun. Thats fcuking hooge and as bad for me as anal sex (receiving)
  15. Plain black coffee, the aroma is more important than the taste, usually that's what stirs things up.. Once had that expensive coffee that wild cats poop [ thank gawd I wasn't paying for it ] don't know what the fuss was all about.. got all sorts of snotty looks and cringing when I put some sugar in it..