Coffee and Cigarettes....

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by LordVonHarley, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. In my younger days I used to enjoy a strong black coffee and Marlborough in the morning as I looked strolled along the Southbank to work eyeing up the totty.
    I no longer smoke, live in London or eye up the totty, but I do still enjoy a good cup of the black stuff.

    My wife has got a hankering for a coffee machine (that you plug in) and I have hankering for an espresso pot (that you pop on the stove).

    Given that the bean is all important which is best for making a cup of black?

    Any advise? Will a fancy coffee make great coffee or are they just a waste of cash?
  2. You no longer eye up the totty? Fall over, you're dead, you just haven't noticed. That or you've joined Jarrod's team.
  3. I splashed out on a Gaggia Accedemia. It's very pricey, but by **** I've never looked back.

    Bean to cup, or ground, the choice is yours. It offers flexibility, and will make whatever your heart desires. Cafe lungo? Sure! Double espresso? No drama! Late machiato? With you in a minute.

    You can alter the strength, grind, length of each coffee to suit your tastes.

    Buy one! You'll love it. Unlike some coffee machines it's high pressure, and has a dual heater, so you're ready for your first cup within seconds of turning the machine on.

    It has an autowake, so it turns on as I'm dragging my arrse out of bed. Cleaning it is a doddle, as it cleans itself. The only thing which is a nause is the monthly descaling which takes about 4 liters of water, and about an hour of your time. It's fully automated, but you have to refill the water tank a few times.

    I also have a monthly subscription to these guys: Roastmaster Service (Annual Subscription) Roasted Coffee Collection | Union Hand Roasted Coffee

    I get the monthly roastmasters selection delivered to my door. Nom nom nom nom nom. A different coffee each month, and I've never had a shit one.

  4. I must confess, I am a coffee drinker, not poseur, if you like it, there you go; for myself, Taylor's Hot Lava Java, goes down a treat. I am the only coffee drinker in the family, so a perculator does for me for the day. Drunk from an old Thermos mug, which is still good cold (black).
  5. I'll look after it while you deploy if you like
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  6. You can **** right off! Which reminds me. I must cancel my coffee subscription at some point.
  7. But who's going to descale it whilst your away...also i could open and close your curtains and switch lights on and off..i promise not to use the place as a crack whore palace..honest guv....
  8. Why not? I do.

    I've also had some new bird move in next door, though I've not had a good look at her yet. She drives a nice car though.
  9. ...look i'll keep the place tidy for you..i might have to replace that mincy shed though with a bigger one but apart from that i'm good to go.
  10. Nespresso surely. It is expensive coffee, but it tastes first class, noting to clean or de-calc and consistent quality at the press of a button. I've had mine for 10 years now, gone through 1000s of capsules in my household (about 5-10 a day). No brainer.
  11. The Nespresso machines are very good. My mate has one, and I bought my old dear one for xmas.

    I like to be able to choose my coffee, hence I've not got one. But I do recommend them.
  12. Good Grief, whatever happened to; hot and wet is good?
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  13. Shouted that at the wife the other day as i climbed off her
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  14. Nescafe Dolce Gusto.. very similar to the Nespresso but less choice with the capsules i believe.

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  15. I swear by my Nespresso machine. Tried the Dolce Gusto first, and it tasted like instant coffee compared to the Nespresso.