Cody Lachey - Fat Ginger Bastard


Book Reviewer
OK but why don't you like me? Is it cos I is black?
It's got nothing to do with your ethnicity and everything to do with you being a complete and utter wankspangle, a shitbag troll and as much use as indicators on a submarine.
Now be a good chap a fuckety fuck off and kill yourself.
Your right!
Only 2 threads combining well over a hundred pages,dozens of photos going back several years.

Nobody cares!:(:pc:
Christ you're thicker than PX9.
Its you who cant use propper grammer mate! But I dont cry about it non.
Doesn't stop you being the biggest cunt since cunty McCuntface from Cuntsville.
Did I mention you're a cunt by any chance?
Why have you h8trz been replying to those Lunaticoutpost threads biggin up Cody?
We know what you are up to and just wish you'd fuck off.
Oh, and die, painfully and amusingly.
Film it.