Cody Lachey - Fat Ginger Bastard

Well ...this fuckwit has been a hot topic on here for several YEARS. I only heard about him when his fat stinkin paedo mate Dom Noonan got a guilty for being a filthy nonce.
I cant work out if he has supporters on here or not.Im starting to think actually that most of his FIRM are attacking me on here and would throw me in the back of their white van,take me to a council house and dry bum me if they got the chance!.
You spelled burn incorrectly!
You are really hard. I bet you have all the Rise Of The Footsoldier movies on BluRay
I think @Kirkz was out of order calling you a nonce, that's far too southern. You are obviously a Stoat the Baw' .

What do you expect from a bumboy with a ginger beard? I think they should be sterilised on conviction. Non-payment of parking fines included.

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