Cody Lachey - Fat Ginger Bastard


Kit Reviewer
Another plank who has no idea what sarcasm is....The fact you actually SEARCHED for that Terry Tibbs page shows that infact you are the daft ****....
I didn’t have to search for it cunto, I had seen the program, I called it up on google to give you an insight

ETA wanker
Your assumption that I didn't know that is so far beyond retarded that you would not even qualify for a seat on your local Happy Bus
That's almost funny, coming from the person for whom the word retarded was invented, as nothing else described your utter, window-licking dullness.
Jesus what an enormous pile of shite this thread is...who really gives a **** about some fat ginga manc kiddy fiddler..cant a grown up close this bollox
Well yep I kind of agree but at page number 57 / post number 1,139 and the fact that we are both replying to it makes me think maybe it isnt such a pile of shite and others may just give a **** ? Dont know how you gauge just how good a thread is ?

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