Cody Lachey - Fat Ginger Bastard

Having just read this I'm confused (as usual.) Is this hacienda bloke Cody, Cody's friend, someone else or 2 random people sharing an account? They seem to be bigger cunts than the cunt they are talking about. Why don't I have a "bullshit" like button when I need one?
Still waiting for you hard men to call.
Could do the lot of you
Even without my signed Dave Courtney knuckleduster
The only time you've seen a Dave Courtney knuckleduster was when it smashed your brains in.
Honestly you TA boys are wasting your time trying to insult me.As none of you know who I am and its not important your insults will not have any effect on me....
This is a Cody thread and so can you all please stay on topic.:rmp:
You're working under the assumption that anyone here actually gives a fuck who you are.
On the other hand, we're all quite aware of what you are & find entertainment in defining that in amusing ways.
You tedious, pigeon shouting felcher.
Oh really? Is that why tons of you reply INSTANTLY every time I post?

I have only been on here 2 weeks and already I AM THE BIGGEST TWAT THE SITE HAS EVER SEEN :king:
My bold. Fixed that for you.

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