Cody Lachey - Fat Ginger Bastard

I imagine he fantasised about his beard softly nuzzling Brady's arse cheeks as his tongue probes further and further into Ian's date.
Can we expect the 'You didn't know him like I did ... That's not the Ian Brady I knew' bollocks then?


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Lachey latches on to associate himself with people to gain notoriety as his own like lacks meaning and he's a failure. Endlessly tweets about how hard it was for him in prison and on release.
He's weird and inadequate.

Is he describing his own notoriety compared to Ian's?
Mighty purdy lips, there......
Sorry who is this tosser?

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Is he still on Twitter? I think he blocked me after asking if he'd really been in prison or if it was another fantasy. Why are all previous threads about him locked?


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Weakness and fear. It's a common craphat trait apparently.
All the threads about him closed. I saw him on Twitter recently and couldn't work out where I'd heard the name, then it hit me. I used the search and had a good giggle. The cock, fame by perceived association.
his twitter account is protected....yet he's got a mobile number publicly displayed. Maybe we should give it to Anonymous for a laff

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