Ive pre-ordered it for the PC the only way to play FPS games imo.
Dunno what to do, i'm getting a 360 after xmas but not sure if COD4 will tear me away from BF2.
Preordered for PC
I tell you what, It looks absolutely brilliant!
think the PC version will give BF2 a rub for its miney on MP good to see people thinking of ordering it on both platforms I was thinking the same
Looking forward to the PC CoD4 for multiplayer, getting a tad bored of BF2. Hope it not as manic as CoD2 MP. Thats crazy
received my copy this morning MP sounds pretty bad but SP is good!
Ventress said:
PS3, does it for me, although I cant get out of the sinking ship for love nor money!!
Just follow the other troops out of the ship. Its so easy! :D

Personally I have it for the PC and it rocks! Completed the Single Player in six hours and I multiplayer it now. Level 32 already! I love it. Brilliant game!

P.S. The Sniping part of the game is the mutts nuts!

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