COD4 Patch Pre-Release

any chance of giving us a rundown....can't access via works pc...grrrr :roll:
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Nope; PC

New maps: Killhouse, Chinatown, Broadcast and Creek.

No new kill-cam despite the rumours, you can now filter hardcore/lightweight servers. There's a few other filter options too.

The problem is, the maps suit the old 'noob' style of playing. Ie. Camping, Nade Launcher, 5000 grenades launched at the start of the round sort of thing. Hopefully this will ware down after a while when more servers update.

The patch is clean though, no unwanted additional files.
the past month or so i've been running the MODS option...loads of new maps and most of them as good as the normal multiplayer ones.....with the 'TOB Clan' maps you start with no rank and have to get all your perks and add ons again.....some old COD UO maps like Carentan also......worth a try in my opinion...will download those new maps though...thanx :wink:

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