COD - World At War

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Matty0001, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. Downloaded the demo for it on the 360, bloody good stuff. Anyone got round to trying it / preordering it yet?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Are we talking about some sort of plan to invade Iceland or what? 8O
  3. Where did you get the demo from? Is it just for the 360 at present or multi platform?
  4. Preordered it from here Link and they emailed me a code for the box to download it. Heard theres one for the PC too.
  5. If you register on the official website , you should get a beta code emailed to you , I got one and I didn't pre order the game anywhere, so have a couple of others I know. The current Beta is for the 360 only , rumour is the PC demo will appear in a couple of weeks.

    Current Beta Info
  7. Thanks for that chaps. I'll wait until it comes out proper on PC and PS3 then. My 360 is currently being used as a door stop.

    Looking forward to shooting spotty faced teenagers in the face again. :D
  8. Just registered on the site - its currently crashing! but as per Flash will want the PC version.
  9. Mrs P-T has pre-ordered it from HMV online for my Crimbo prezzie (£29ish). :D

    But I can't have it til the day. :cry:

  10. Im wanting the PC version as well , playing with an xbox controller is like trying to play football in rigger boots, but it is a good laugh. Fills a bit of time anyway.
  11. From what ive played of it, its basically COD 4 based in the pacific theater. Running round as a jap with a springfield and thompson whilst dodging artillery, dogs and bouncing bettys can be jolly good.
  12. I have the World At War Beta code for the PC version, if anyone wants it give us a bell.
  13. Its naff on the PC without hardcore mode, 3 hits to kill with a bolt action.
  14. That makes it a bit more realistic and a lil less arcadey though.
  15. I'll shoot you 3 times with a bolt action rifle and you can gives me marks out of ten for realism if you like?