Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by SuperTrooper, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Anyone on tonight. How about an arrse brawl at 2000 hours GMT?

    Add your tag name below if your up for a slapin!


    1. paddysib
  2. Farkin Poofs! :twisted:
  3. Did you win?
  4. (In geeky/Peewee Herman style voice)

    Do you play COD4MW too Trooper?
  5. Yes I won! :D

    I do have COD4 too. Come and find me if you want a scrap! :D
  6. supertrooper....I will add you on COD 4 ...expect a smashing sometime soon! :)
  7. COD WAW?

    Is this a computer game about hte Anglo Icelandic Cod War of the 1980 and 90s?
  8. On COD4 now if anyone fancies a shot or two? :)
  9. Nah, i'm on WAW now :D
  10. Was playing W@W earlier, found an Uber Walt...

    Say's he's an RAC Cpl, Joined in '05, and is an Artillary Positioner, doesn't use the L85 or L22 either - But the B42...
  11. Anybody on tonight?
    missus is away,
    either COD 4 MW or COD 5 WAW

    gamertag: scottyk617