COD: Modern Warfare 2 teaser released

PrayingMantis said:
Taz_786 said:
Don't know what units they'll have but I hope they stick with Them.

Also hope Captain Price survived!
i thought he was dead at the end of modern warfare? :?:
Capt Price dies but the hidden level at the end suggests that Soap survived and is still active.

Can't wait for this new edition.
Yup more info leaked. Soap is back!

The feature reveals that one character from the original Modern Warfare will be making a return in Modern Warfare 2.

Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish will make an appearance as a NPC, heading up an international force called Task Force 141. :D

The story of the game is a continuation of Modern Warfare's and deals with the world facing "dangerous political instability in Russia," with terrorist groups trying to hijack Russia's nuclear weapon arsenal.

Game Informer also described a mission which sees MacTavish lead a squad against Russian fighters in snowy mountainous territory, where snowmobiles and ice picks are used.

Other notable game features include moveable turrets, riot shields and customised weapons for single player.

Gameplay will also be more open-ended than Modern Warfare according to Infinity Ward, but will still follow a linear story.

Unfortunately co-op play through the single player campaign won't be available but there will be separate missions that can be played cooperatively.

So it looks like US v Russia with perhaps an international flavour on the US side...maybe They are in it after all!
THEY are in it, look at 0:50 seconds in - bloke jumps over roof, union jack clearly on the back of his webbing.

I'd guess that you play as the chap with the mohawk, as he's the only one pulled out right at the end...

And that means (the mohawk) we'll have to be bloody americans.

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