COD: Modern Warfare 2 choice of weapons

Your favourite weapon combination and 2 attachments, and why.

FN FAL: hard hitting, accurate, and makes a decent medium to long rate sniper rifle with the holo sight or the ACOG.

Am using it until I unlock the M14 EBR. :D
As much as I actually hate this game, I'll play it every now and again (for about 10 minutes until I get so pissed off with it). But I use the UMP45 a lot, which silence and red dot on it. I also have cold-blooded perk which means I'm pretty stealthy. I barely touch any other weapons in the game.
i used the FN FAL for a few games liked it but then i unlocked the M16A4 which i prefered...

... my weapon for day to day use now is the ACR with grenade launcher and ACOG sight/thermal depending on how i feel and which map.
I'm about 3 ranks off unlocking the M16A4, than I'll presumably using it with the red dot sight and GL, sounds like a pretty good general use combo to me, and I REALLY hate the thermal sight
wildcard.rgbw said:
FN FAL: hard hitting, accurate, and makes a decent medium to long rate sniper rifle with the holo sight or the ACOG.
I don't have the game, but are you a sweat happy at getting his mitts on his old beloved (virtual) SLR once more? :D

Although your comment makes me wonder if there'd be any mileage to getting some SLRs out of reserve stock (if any did not go to Sierra Leone!), getting some optics on it and having the best shot per sect use it... like the theory goes with LSW now, but in 7.62...

Anyway, enough of me diverting this thread from gaming, you fellas crack on...


either the M4 or ACR with holographic sight and silencer, mainly. Sometimes I leave the silencer off and opt to use Slight Of Hand perk instead.

Most of the assualt rifles I don't bother with - the only ones worth any salt for me are the M4, M16, ACR and AK47.

The M93 raffica is a big favorite of mine on this game too, it's the only side arm I will use if I'm not using a launcher.
I've used every assault rifle from start to completion of the challenges. They're all good in their own right. The 3 round burst rifles are great for getting your hit ratio up, but I do like the Scar, the Tar-21, and the ACR for quick kills.

I also love the UGL attachment, with the red-dot sight. The Holographic sight is pointless, and the ACOG is only usefull on certain maps.

The Thumper is good (if not slow to fire). For secondary weapons I've only used launchers. I like the stinger. The Javelin is too slow to target, and it's only 1 shot.

I'm also a geek and enjoy raping small children
the FAL is great, good for shooting through things rather than over or around them.

Like the MP5K for high rate of fire and small size.

The AUG and TAR-21 seem to have a better stopping power than the other 5.56 calibres but you can't find it with a grenade launcher, which sucks. The M16A4 is a happy hybrid but the burst fire can wind me up, as sometimes when you get confronted 2 on 1 and you shite yourself it's good to have the option of unloading a mag in the general direction.
SCAR everytime, decent stopping power and accuracy, used with scavenger perk to balance its low magazine capacity.

Also find using using either WA200 or M14 EBR with an ACOG scope on some maps is better than assault rifles. Low recoil and high stopping power and the best accuracy, a barsteward to use at first but great once you get the hang of it.

Bit off topic.....there is a callsign or title thing with daisies on it saying can only achieve it by stabbing a player wearing the title....made me chuckle when I learned that.
I'm still really enjoying a hand gripped + holographic enabled rpd. The rate of fire you can sustain is quite incredible. I've got into 3 v 1 firefights and come out on top simply with my ability to keep on going.
Primary: M4,UGL,Red dot (Red dot is much better than holagraphic IMOO as the dot is smaller and easyer to pinpoint onto a trarget at range, and the surrounding black square thing on the Holagraphic gives you tunnel vision, the red dot doesn't)

Secondary: AA-12,Extended mags

Perk one: Scavanger Pro (Extended mags on aa12 ar useless unless you use scavenger)
Perk two: Stopping power Pro (Nuff said)
Perk three: Stead aim Pro (Increase hip fire accuracy, Pro means you can hold your breath longer with a sniper/thermal scope)

Once level 70 rolls around i use the ak-47 acog, a little secret is that with the acog on the ak-14 you can use steady aim pro and it actualy stops breathing moving the point of aim this is the only weapon that it works on apparently.
I just played online now, marathon pro + commando pro and I just go around stabbing people. It's ridiculous how I can leap like 30ft to stab a guy who is shooting me, but who cares, it's not about being fair online.
Famas - Stopping power

Accuracy is top notch, the burst is a killer and the iron sight is great so can use the attachment for something more useful. Oh and ammo lasts a long time so no need for scavanger perk.

Downside - It's French...
I was loving the ACR but I started this morning with the AUG LMG thing. it's brilliant I think. I had the grip and red dot on but got rid of grip to to use the scavenger perk which helps you sustain a kill streak longer
Primary:- I use the M4 or SCAR-H with Holo/Red Dot sight and 40mm GL.
Secondary:- Usually the AT-4 or Javelin (which is ace for the wasteland or quarry maps) for the Highrise level I change it to the AA-12 -- awesome at close range.

Perks:- Bling Pro, Cold-Blooded Pro, and Scrambler.

**Edited to add:- I've just Prestiged and wish I hadn't. Lost my nice and shiny M21 EBR with Thermal scope.
Bravo_Zulu said:
Is it possible to have more than one attachment to a weapon? I'm wanting to add a heartbeat sensor or UGL to my silenced ACR but can't figure out how.
Use the perk bling,

bling pro means you can put two attatchments on your secondary

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