COD Black Ops II

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Stan_Da_Bout, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. I'm surprised no one has started a thread yet.

    Campaign too short, again. 6 hours consevative play.

    Mulitiplayer, more of the same, new coat of paint.

    Zombies, hmmm ok, bus is a nice idea.

    Has the COD series seen its day one asks?
  2. Not played it but I imagine it is exactly the same as the other million and one first person shooters available.

    I honestly think the only area where the FPS genre can make improvements is scale - but Planetside 2 doesn't go live until the 20th Nov.

    Whilst there are only a few days of the Planetsdie 2 beta left to go, I do have a couple of spare keys if anyone is interested. Obviously once it is live you can sign up like everyone else and it won't (necessarily) cost you a penny.
  3. I'll go for a key, thanks. Might as well give ti a go.
  4. PM on its way Stan.
  5. as a bit of fun, i think they are great, the spec ops gets more air time than the campaign, havent got either black ops at the mo, just cod 2 and 3. is it still over 50 quid?
  6. I went off COD after MW3. I never liked Treyarch's offerings. And Activision made no improvements from MW2.

    I played the Beta of BF3 and was instantly hooked. It's the only FPS I'll play now until Far Cry 3 comes out.
  7. No, £35 from tescos
  8. really, well thats not too bad, (havent been anywhere for a while)

    might have to invest.
  9. You know what, I've actually enjoyed it so far. I thought MW3 was utter shite, but Black Ops II really isn't that bad on the multiplayer front.

    Way better than the previous Treyarch outing.
  10. Haven't bought one since MW2 got MW3 as an xmas pressie and played it for about 3 hours then back to bf3. Too much run around in a circle stabbing and not enough jihad jeeps
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  11. I racked up hours upon hours on the original BlOps (both normal & zombies) - it was very buggy at first, but once everything was sorted out, it was a fantastic game.

    MW3 ruined CoD for me, because it was exactly the same as MW2 (even the titles & emblems were exactly the same... the lazy bastards!)

    I don't like the look of BlOps II... robots? Future combat? No thanks - I'll stick to old skool bang sticks thanks.
  12. My thoughts exactly.
  13. Someone get this so I have a chum!

    It's the most fun I've had on CoD since MW2, no joke. Really enjoying after having spent a few evenings playing.

    The futuristic part of it isn't that futuristic, if that makes any sense - but it's given Treyarch the freedom to create their own weapons and get rid of all the crap from previous iterations.

    I've found all the weapons really balanced so far, and the class system too. Fancy two perks? Fancy four? Go for it, but you have to take a hit on secondaries and weapon attachments and such. It's really good, score streaks (replacing kill streaks) is a really good system as now people are fighting for points and not kills (noticeable difference in Domination and games like that). And they're not overpowered either.

    Yes, there's a few new drone options, but you've got to be thick as **** to get killed by 'em.

    Good fast paced fun, after a couple of nights I've got the ol' skills back.
  14. They have used the same engine since **** knows how long along with the same textures. They are beyond lazy but everyone buys it anyway.
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  15. Got pissed off with MW3 online, too many cock stands who see it as a way of life and not the game it is.
    Killed one guy about 7 times with a sniper rifle, got a message to grow some legs! Apparently 'camping' is a no no, so why have a sniper class? Don't often see a sniper legging it round the battlefield like a lit weasel do you?
    I found Battlefield 3 to be a better game, with a more grown up set of players.
    That said, I have just got Black Ops 2, and the wife is not getting much attention in the evenings at the moment.