COD: Black Ops for £25 (not spam!)

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Firefighter9, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Seen! Cheers
  2. Bloody hell. It won't let me use my card to pay with. I've typed the card number into the box and it comes up with the message "Check your number is correct."

  3. I got the same error message with several credit cards but paid with Paypal and it's worked.

    Cheers FF9, bargain.
  4. I used paypal too, don't know about cards. But my brothers just bought his copy with card.

    Worst can happen is the realise they fucked up the discount code and I get my money back and buy it anyway!
  5. Legend, cheers dude.
  6. Does it only work for the Xbox? I've had a mate try it for the PS3 and it's not worked
  7. I've only bought for xbox. But the code is for £20 off any order.

    Are they on

    There is another woolworths ancillary site, it won't work on that one
  8. Code is one use only, so go careful.
  9. Guys, unfortunately the code went out through Facebook yesterday and Woolworths aren't accepting it.

    You'll all be seeing you money bounce in the next day or so, and no product.
  10. How do you know that?
  11. Because I fucked up my payment (paid twice), rang them to chase it and she told me that I needn't worry as both payments were going to be refunded!
  12. she said the order will go through and it'll all look legit from your e-mail and paypal but they're not accepting any Black Ops orders with a discount code.
  13. Oh. That ends that then! Sorry chaps!!
  14. Bugger, will see what happens