COD Advanced Warfare

I stopped playing COD when it was MW2. I got into BF2 and have not looked back, until BF4 started to bore the pants off me. I have stayed away from the recent versions of COD as the reviews were very negative. But I took a chance yesterday and bought COD AW for £26 on CDKeys.

Feck me what a great game so far! The campaign is very enjoyable with not a bad story but also some great maps and the weaponry and gadgets are amazing, it's all futuristic but probably will be on a battlefield in the next 50 years. Graphics are pretty good, not quite BF4 standard but close enough.

I hope to have a go at MP tonight, although I doubt that will be quite as good as BF4.
Everything in that game is based on existing technology.

Your story reads much like mine but I've got into arma in a big way. The mods are what are keeping it fresh for me.
Banning modding post BF2 was a stupid idea, really screwed with the longevity of games. Mind you the shareholders love the idea of having a new BF game every year.
Dunno if it was in BBC News in the UK but they had the top man of the company on BBC America. Apparently the US are so impressed with the game and the futurological outlook it is taking that they have hired the bloke to speak to decision makers and planners over here - Atlantic Council I think.

The bloke himself, when interviewed was more or less saying that everything they have featured as a gadget, gizmo or weaponisable object is based on existing technology or combinations of existing technology.

I'm fascinated by the technology and programming behind these games, I have only ever played one game twice (Rainbow 6) and couldn't get into it.
Any idea if its still P2P as the multi player engine skunk ?? . The reason I stopped playing COD was the game was same old tat re-skinned year on year and the player with the best connection won
Not interested in it. Too futuristic for my liking.

Completely agree , i think the last one i bought was the first modern warfare one , the first thing after all the ww2 ones . Just got silly after that . I got annoyed enough with people jumping 10 foot in the air on the previous ones , and people walking through walls .
Completed the campaign last night and it was bloody excellent, good enough that I may postpone multiplayer and go through the SP again on a harder setting.
It's basically a Deus Ex FPS but playing as one of the elite soldiers, not as an agent. Great but predictable story and guns, guns, guns....and then some bigger guns attached to big, stompy exo-rigs and hover tanks. The last SP game I enjoyed this much was the new Wolfenstein game.

I had a pop at multiplayer last night and the 3 maps I played on seemed pretty good and well balanced, I even managed to do reasonably ok. Not sure about the multiplayer engine, but my pings were not great. On BF4 I usually have an 8 Ping.
tried to play COD AW Mp on xbox 1 tonight, sick of running into walls etc due to extreme lag tried different games but all the same too many red 1 bar connections once again no pre thought to servers before a game is launched IMHO


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Bought CoD Advanced Warfare for PC when loading the game it only used 4cds out of the 6 supplied for the game. Novice with games so what has happened?
Any idea if its still P2P as the multi player engine skunk ?? . The reason I stopped playing COD was the game was same old tat re-skinned year on year and the player with the best connection won

unfortunately it is P2P at the moment, hopefully they will get dedicated servers
I'm planning to get back into Arma 3 this weekend, have been playing a game called Insurgency in line, a bit like Americas Army but with less HooHar and be the best bollocks.

Going to get this for the boy on XBOX so will have a dabble.

Are you playing arma 3 on-line? Oops thread drift.


It's not bad, sick of being shot in MP from people just sat on rooftops though. Do wish they would sort the latency issues because its shocking at times currently (xbox one).
BF4 cant go wrong with it in my eyes more realistic COD is an over rated un-realistic MP and constantly being killed by 11 yo kids causing controller against the wall rage!

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