COD 4 Sells 10 million copies

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Arai, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Are there any new single-player levels available anywhere, or is there due to be a CoD4 expansion pack?
  2. No, just the new multiplayer maps. I haven't heard anything about any expansion packs and apparently COD5 will be a return to the WWII era :(
  3. single player??? no thanks, online's where it's at!!
  4. i prefer it Modern warfare aswel m8 weapons will be slow etc and when the helicopter attack etc dunno what they will replace it with. they could make the COD5 better by getting more weapons that each country even though you'll see the AK a few times lol so you have more to choose from because i want to use the sa80 etc think it would be more fun ? my opinion anyways.
  5. While on the subject of the new maps, has anyone tried them?
    Worth downloading?
    The multiplayer says it has an option to download maps in the game but I cannot find this?
    Alternatively, it states to go to the online store and buy them from there. Once there, a warning states that the maps are only available for a certain disc version number. I could not see a number on my disc.
    Anyone know where to find this version number?
  6. They could easily just release a BF2-Style booster pack for the game, including a larger variety of weapons, and slot them in to the levels. Ie. A level 55 would obviously have them all, but say, a level 22 would just get unlocks more frequently.
  7. The game is worth every penny !!

    and i see what you mean if they were 2 put more weapons init etc but thats what people like unlocking these weapons and gadgets lol
    hope the next one gets better n stays Modern Warfare
  8. Well thats why BF: Bad company is out this summer. The physics engine they are using is pretty good and the fully destructible environments (and i mean fully) is set to be a new standard for games. Whether or not it is as popular as COD4 is unlikely, as COD4 made a brilliant game and i suspect BF:BC is going to be more arcadey than realistic.
  9. Register at and download for free....the 4 new maps are pretty good especially Creek AND Chinatown

  10. Sorry, should have said it was on the PS3 I was looking for the maps.