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CoD 4 pc online.

Salford-Vera said:
Whats your user name? Mines Shy-Ted.
Are you some kind of RLC turd burgler? Poof.


Book Reviewer
This is all a tad abstract. But I will play anyway.

Salford-Vera said:
How do you work that out? Do you have a problem reading? Seriously?
What that you're raving homo? I think you were really after www.gaychat.com, perhaps the arrse bit confused you.


Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
Nope. I tried it, was able to read 'seriously' quite easily.

I'll see your seagulls and raise you an aardvark.
Salford-Vera said:
I was just going through the old topics and thought i'd start a new one re user names. Thats all.
I bet the hours just fly by at your place.
Salford-Vera said:
I was actually thinking of you when i devised it. Shitehead!
Oooh that told me. :roll: I bet you're well 'ard with your chav mates in Salford.
Chav is a word that is used in some no mark part of the country, created by some no mark paper such as the sun, the word is and always will be scally.

Off you pop Ord_Sgt if that is your real name.
Is it me but when i saw this thread title i thought..
Cash on Delivery for Personal Computers online?

What does Salford mean, to thickos like me?
Well, you asked for it Vera, posting in the Naffi Bar.


Book Reviewer
I'll match you Aardvark and raise with a duckbilledplaterpus


Book Reviewer
fatcatfred said:
B_AND_T said:
I'll match you Aardvark and raise with a duckbilledplaterpus
i will see your duckbilledplaterpus and raise you a pair of masticating wilderbeast!
See you wilderbeast and raise you these. http://divaboo.info/

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