COD 4 and bandwidth

Having played COD 4 on both PS3 and XBox, i am considering buying one or the other machine and this game. I have BT total broadband, which is meant to go up to 8megs but I think sits around 1 meg (long way from the exchange blah blah). Is that fast enough to play the game online on either system?
who would buy which system?

many thanks
I have a 2mb connection (running around 1.4) and it plays fine - but i am sausage side so couldn't vouch for Blighty.

I can run a laptop and xbox360 running cod4 on a "up to 2Mb" 900kb connection You do get lag but thats life in the uk
have cod4 on 360 and 3 other machines on line at same time on an 8Meg BT connection, yes you do occasionally get lag but that happens in the game and is not always you
Try this to check your Broadband speed.

My stats:
2917 kb/s download
364 kb/s upload
Yes, Its not about speed but the abillty of your connection to pass data thru without it going tits up, Anything from 512k up will be fine. If however you have other users sharing your connection this is where the problems start. Lag can be caused by a thousand things from shitty servers to worn out 60 year old copper wire. 8)
You should be fine.

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