Coconut man

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whitenoise, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. If he is indeed an IS Eng you should have got him to do your post for you, he'd have got the link right first time :wink:

    I'd say he's more spec op material. All those years under ground, not getting any sun light does that to you.

  2. now he is an intresting ...thing/man.
    for those of you about to view, there is a hot lady in there as well but its kinda hard to see her coz your eyes are drawn to.....yep coconut man!!
  3. nice one boney, im just going to my underground haunt and sit in the corner listning to my dits and dah's
  4. Enjoy yourself mate :D

    You might want to have a look Here. Could do wonders for you :wink:

  5. Just be carefull we wouldn't want any heat injuries, also if you have been underground for a while you should think about sunglasses perhaps?
  6. coconut man ,we have someone just like him at my unit,short bloke works in the stores !
  7. Booked in for next tuesday 1200
  8. Booked in for next tuesday 1200
  9. Are you still where i think you are threesend? If so, thats cruel :D :D

    And whitenoise, enjoy your tanning session, you'll compromise yourself as the David Dickinson lookalike spec op :D

  10. boney , 2morrow is my last day! not too far from the truth though am i!
  11. 1 day can be a long time at*** shut the door on the way out mate!!