Cocoa Nucifera( Coconuts) the new banned word

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tropper66, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Bristol councillor,Shirley Brown was given a 12 conditional discharge for useing the word "Coconut" to refure to Asian fellow councillor Jay Jethwa in a council meeting, Coconut it seems means" brown on the outside,white on the inside" I just find it extreamly stupid that a person of Afro/Carribean background can be racial, to an Asian, over somthing so trivual, I wonder how much the court case cost the tax payer, more PC BS
  2. It also implies of course that being "white" is somehow an affliction....or bad thing in general.
  3. It does at least strike a blow against the idea that only white people get done for uttering racist remarks. As such, it will annoy both the Daily Mail and the BNP, so is probably worth the money in the end.
  4. Indeed. Speaks volumes on the success of multi-culturism doesn't it.

    As for whether she should have been prosecuted, had she been white and made derogatory comments about somebody elses ethnicity she would have been up infront of the courts, why should it be different because she is black?
  5. Those serving with the Gurkhas should take note, whistling "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" could now land you right in it.
  6. I work with an Asian (well Pakistani) chap. He does not like nee...neee...oh sod it, "black people". He was also born and bred in Cardiff, so he doesn't like people from England, Swansea, Newport, Americans, Germans and of course Hindus.

    I take my hat of to his multi-culturalist view point. He'll hate anybody! A few more weeks working with me and he'll hate Gunners, baldy men and Scots too. However he'll also have been indoctrinated to like what I would like to call, in Councillor Brown's honour, "kumqats". women who are ginger on the outside but pink in the middle...
  7. Namaste Sahib! Especially given that the boys are referred to affectionately as "prunes", by most of the Brit officers who lead them. 8O
  8. If only the message this affair were as clear cut as it should have been:

    I would be interested to see the rationale by which the council standards committee decided that the remark wasn't racist. Also notice the one month suspension (overturned after appeal).
  9. Bristol, and I thought that the chimps were only running the zoo,
  10. And his name just HAD to be brown!
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm in complete agreement with choco on this - spending £750,000 of my taxes on righting the wrongs of slavery is a brilliant idea. I work like a c c c c c slave every day of the week, and if this person of efnic descent, who likens people to coconuts thinks I should see some of it, then who am I to argue?

    Cuddles - I know what you're saying. One of my customers is from the Punjab, and what he had to say about Pakistanis and our brothers from deepest Africa made my hair go frizzy, I can tell you! Racism isn't just a honky thing you know - they're all at it!

    I mean, going back to another thread, them Kikuyu dudes who created the Mau Mau - sheeeeit brudda, dem was hard-core, chucking it to the other tribal massifs'n'ting, an ah don't mean de white bwah! And what about those Tutsis and Hutus?!?!?!?! Nasty, nasty ting an ting!
  12. Fixed that for you and no you wouldn't not even with sven's
  13. Slightly off thread,but, in todays Crimwatch almost all the CCTV criminals that they want infomation on are of the non Anglo Saxon ethnic groups, strange that,
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's only surely a Western liberal guilt thing that has led to us being made to think that racism is a whites-only 'crime'. Anyone who has worked with Arabs, or Pathans, or Indians, or Punjabis, or Sikhs, or Bengalis, or Japanese, or Chinese, will tell you that they can all be pretty vociferous in their racism - it's surely a universal thing to think that your particular group is better than any other, and that, by extension, the worst of the evil, disgusting foreigners happens to be your neighbours - witness England and France, Scotland and England, Persians and Arabs, Turks and Greeks, Bosniacs and Croats (and serbs, and Kozovans, etc.)

    It's not always limited to close-by 'foreigners', though - I've never heard abuse like that aimed at the Japanese by some Arabs, who don't particularly mind Westerners, but who think the Japanese are heathens who look and smell funny and eat funny food. Odd, as that's just what I think about.......
  15. Thanks! But don't be presumptuous - I more than likely would :oops: