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Coco Pops

Little Johnny and little Timmy are playing upstairs one morning, when Johnny turns to Timmy and says "I think its about time we started swearing. I'll go first then you follow.".

Timmy thinks for a minute and agrees quite happily.

They both go down stairs and thier Mum turns round to them and says " 'Morning boys, what do you want for breakfast?".

Johnny replies " Shit Mum I'll have some Coco pops!". Before he knows whats happening Mums smacks him across the head and he runs upstairs screaming his heart out.

She turns around to Timmy and says with a glare "and What do you want for breakfast?".

Timmy Says with a tremble in his voice, "I dont know Mum but it wont be Fcuking Coco Pops.".


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