CoC seems to be falling down.

How many people who are deployed on ops or dets were not told that they had been promoted?

Ive been on a det for about 3 months now, after 3 weeks work phoned me up offering me the free chance to come down and collect an Agai 69 form if i could tell them why i had'nt been on a parade. The fact im nearly 4000km away should have cleared that up.

However a more worrying trend seems to have popped up out here. On the publication of the selection for promotion board i can name 3 soldiers out here that were informed by mates. Not a quick phone call from work or even a voice message to say congrats. The Yos out here was going do-lally and so was the So2 G6.

Then when i called to ask about submitting a PPP i was told that i should have done one before i left (it was found by the Tp boss in his intray while on the phone). Then was asked why the So2 G6 here had sent our OC Sqn an email stating how unhappy he was with the units involved.

Everyone of late seems to be saying how sprogs are the death of the corps. Well how about you try this on for size. The nco's out here seem to be of the same feeling as me also, we dont ask for or expect a lot however when SNCO's dont know where you are, are failing to pass on important info to you and leave you swinging in the wind when you ask for any help back at camp. This could be a reason why so many people are leaving our corps.

Yea at the end of the day this is a moan because i cant really do anything else about it.

Even non ops have been thanking the Yos out her for helping people out by getting in touch with glasgow, our units and in short digging out blind for the lads. What ever happend to a bit of unit solidarity.
Same thing happened to me a few years back. I was in sandier climates, maybe three months in, and I received some mail from the regt. Upon opening it, I found it to be a warning as to why I didn't attend a mess meeting......I didn't even bother replying to it. It was only the RCWO at the end of the day. If he couldn't be bothered to find me, why should I find him?

Mine admittently is not as serious as the promotion scenario, but same principles.
Gents, as a SNCO and having been on the Y LIST for a long time, Ive been tottally forgotten about so it looks like we are all in the same boat.
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It was pretty much compounded by the fact that there were three of us from different units.

So it seems that the 'cant be arsed they are on tour' attitude has spread that little bit more than i give it credit for.
Sounds simalar to me just before I came out to the Falklands so me getting my flight details was delayed till 3 days before I had to be on it, they came to me complete with the associated emails....

From OC Squadron (in her defence she hadn't been there longer)

To clerk - Can you confirm if any of these are in our squadron because as far as I know they arent

From clerk - None of these are ours I will make "enquires" with RHQ.

Not bad when even your clerk doesn't know who's in the squadron

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