Coastguard to Strrike on 6th March

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EWD-STAB, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    It has all come to a head in my line of work, therefore I would strongly advise taking things easy on the 6th March if you are intending to go to sea. All 19 Maritime Rescue Coordination Center's around the UK coast will be shut for business for at least 12 hours, this will include 999 calls and VHF/MF distress and urgency comms.

    As background, this pay dispute has been rumbling on for nearly 6 years now and is originally due to management not implementing the changes (pay ones) that their own management consultants strongly recommended.
    Furthermore they have plain refused to even talk about the situation.

    I'm hoping that in the next few days the hierarchy will see sense and at least try and talk this one out before the 6th. On the other hand I'm sick of earning £5.52 an hour, for which princely sum I coordinate SAR over approx 4000 square nautical miles and about 140 miles of coastline. Might as well work at McDonalds, but still have my self respect. I never thought of myself as a Union person, mainly as I'm down south, don't vote labour, have never seen a coal mine and have no interest in ferret racing. But what can you do when you are pushed into a corner and have no other voice.

    Union Press release:

    MCA Press Release:

  2. Hope it goes well fella.

    With yourselves, Prison Officers, Police and other public services, I sense a season of discontent for Labour.
  3. ditto too the support.

    considering we are a seafareing nation the gubiment would contract out or offshore source the coastgaurd if they could get it done on a bad news day liebour making britain broken