Coasteering - NW England

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bazzinho1977, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Hoping that one of the Arrsers on this board can help me out.

    I was lucky enough to go coasteering at the weekend. I am not the fittest of blokes, and part of the reason for that (IMHO) is that I no longer take part in regular organised sports. However, coasteering was ace, and I would love to do it again.

    Had a quick shufty around google for coasteering centres closer to Liverpool - but couldn't find any. In fact, outside of Wales, the South West and the very North West of Scotland, there didn't seem any.

    Does anybody know of any that are within easy shout of Liverpool?

    Thanks in advance for any help received.
  2. I wouldn't bother with Blackpool or Morecambe :)
  3. Cheers for posting the link Prince Albert.

    Mark H at Snowdonia Adventures
  4. I wouldnt bother trying it in the Leeds to Liverpool canal either, far too many shopping trolleys and racer bikes in the bit near to Bootle Strand.
  5. Bazzinho, I dont suppose you were part of a group of 30 that came coasteering on Anglesey on Saturday??

    If so, that was my company that organised the coasteering for you all.


  6. I was indeed mate. It was absolutely nuts. Top sport - fun was had by all.

    Few of us were really taken with it - but wondering what other places near us were available. If I can avoid a two hour cabbie each way every time I want to go, then I would prefer it.

    Anyway, I would heartily recommend it to the house.
  7. Cmon Blurry, now that is not entierly true now is it :wink:
  8. Trouble is there isn't really anywhere closer that isn't either flat and sandy or falt and muddy. You've got to go a reasonable distance in either direction before you find suitable coastline
  9. I have heard good things about these guys over there and the coasteering courses that they run as well as all of the other activities, the guy you would need to speak to is Keirion of adventurous experiences.
  10. Hi Baz

    Good to hear that you had a good time coasteering in Anglesey, I think it would be fair to say that Wales is fast becoming the Mecca for coasteering
    due to the nature of the rock and coastline.

    I think you will find that the guys that you went with last weekend have been brought up it that area and developed that particular course over a number of years, and have quite a few others tucked away from prying eyes!!

    Did they mention the adventure coasteering that involves a 160ft free hanging abseil over a sea cave where you RV with a Rib to be whisked from one coasteering venue to the next, the abseil is mind blowing!
  11. I want to do it. Now. Sounds ace. Unfortunately, I might have to do a bit of prep work before then. Like, learning to swim.
  12. Hi Bazz been able to swim obviously helps however we have had quite a few non swimmers over the years, not been able to swim is not to bad as you have wet suits and buoyancy aids on, however with non swimmers its more about the fear of been in the water and that kind of environment.
  13. Yea Bazz, the abseil at Parliament House Cave is very fine indeed just as gmitch says.

    Ill give P.C a call and see what else we can sort out for you all.