Coast to Coast

I hope to complete the Coast to Coast Walk in 2006, with a friend of mine who is currently at RMAS. Due to his unavaialability for the next 12 months, a lot of the planning has fallen to me.

We hope to do the route in 4 days, sleeping out at night on the route. I've read several books and visited a lot of websites but they are all written and populated by geeks, who take the "walk slowly, see the sights" approach. I have read that "the army regularly does this in four days" and am searching for some info. Has anyone here doe the coast to coast in this time? What schedule did you use?

I'm also keen to get training tips for walking 50 miles a day with a load. I'm starting froma low level of fitness; should I concentrate on getting my speed up to about 4mph uphill for sustained periods, then add weight? Any hints or tips welcome.
havent done it myself but know some guys from a previous unit that did it in 4 days. Four blokes all seriously fit, commando daggered and mad as hatters.
Dont think they slept much as (a) it was too cold even in summer and (b) wouldnt have made it in 4 days if they had 6 hrs sleep a night.

Dont let me put you off tho, you go for it and good luck!

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