Coalitions - The Shape of Things to come?

If we assume that with the love in with the Conservatives will lead to a referendum on AV, the effect on the future governments of the UK will be marked.

I picked up this Guardian article which I use to show figures rather than agreeing with their conclusion.

My own read of this that, on the up side, any kind of AV or PR will lead to a proper three party political system. The downside is that it will become extraordinary difficult for any party in the future to win an outright majority.

To that end, my read is that we should all start mugging up on European politics and get used to a centralisation of perceived ideology and policy from future UK Governments.

The Lib Dems are in a wonderful position where, more often than not, they will be back in position of King Maker.
Just suppose that this coalition goes swimmingly well for the next five years and the electorate like the idea of a coalition. How does it vote for another one on 7 May 2015?
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