Coalition troops 'may quit Iraq'


The US, UK, Italy and Japan say they will pull their troops out of Iraq, if asked by a new Iraqi government.
The four countries made their position clear following a meeting of foreign ministers from the G8 in Washington.

It is the first time the members of the coalition have said what would happen if the new Iraqi government told them to pull out their troops.

But US Secretary of State Colin Powell, said he did not think that prospect at all likely.

"I'm not losing any sleep over it," he said.

"However if they asked us to go, we would leave."
And that's an exit strategy is it? Jesus, was it highly paid and qualified geo-strategic consultants that advised this, or some drunk in a bar in Downtown D.C.?

No wait , lemme guess - Bremner?

So some overly-sensitive tool in Baghdad then :twisted:

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