Coalition Government .. poor show so far.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Can anybody think of anything good that our coalition government has done over the last 2 years for the good of our country ??

    Except for "WE WANT TO TAKE THINGS AWAY FROM YOU FOR THE GREATER GOOD" mentality, over a bullshit recession that never was .... It's just the rich and wealthy not spending!

    This well educated man will explain it to you ....
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  2. Thats a thought provoking video, but the real question is then what would people do with this 'free' money? Would they spend it to help the economy or would they save it for the next rainy day, even though we have been through a feckin monsoon over the last few years? I have a some money salted away and I will not touch it to help anyone apart from myself and if need be, family. I live in a rented flat, I have a 12 year old car and i have no desire to waste any money that I have at the moment. Any money that I spend is hugely taxed and ends up in the governments coffers to be spent on diversity, solar power, indian space programs, the EU and bailing out banks. If they chucked £500 notes in my bank account then it would be the last the thieving cnuts saw of it. I would love to spend it at the local shops, tv retailer, or even bung it to HFH. But at the moment it is every man for himself and the ******* aint getting any of my cash. Oh, apart from what they already get from my income tax, ni, vat, fuel duty and every other tax they can get away with. And the bastards want me to work until i'm 67. *******. So, no, I cant think of anything good that they have done.
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  3. Apart from not being Gordon Brown?

    Though of course they're all twunts anyway, self serving, nose in the trough twunts, role on the revolution
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  4. What have the Coalition Government done for the good of the country?

    Well they have scrapped the M4 bus lane in order to get traffic flowing more freely into London.

    Err......Hang on, I'll have to get back to you on that one
  5. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Recession that never was?

    Appreciate you might not have a high opinion of our mostly elected leaders but posit a decent baseline, lest your hypothesis is strangled prior to budding.

    Just a thought or is it just me that doesn't see all the people, swanning round the high street, buying all the stuff they don't need, sipping on their lattes and feeling fine?
  6. Interesting, not often I agree with the socialist and Guardinista Aristorcy, but he has a point.

    In contrast, the Tories are arguing for more central control today

    So the socialists are espousing capitalism and the conservatives are arguing for a more centralist economy.

    I think the Tories are doing an appalling job, they are somewhere to the Left of Blair on many issues and they are not dealing with the main issue of the economy.

    I expect Cameron and Osbourne may well be rolled before Mar - Jun 2013 by Davis et al, supported by Ashcroft. Clegg will be frozen out and spend his time making more and more loonie public announcements until the Lib Dems pull the plug on the coalition and the Tories can blame them for it.

    If Cameron remains PM - we will have a majority Labour government at the next General Election.
  7. To be honest I have not noticed any change between this lot and the previous lot, nor the lot before that. Which probably means in truth that either I am not at the point where these things affect me, or Governments don't actually change anything.
  8. When has any government every been popular?*

    *(perhaps apart from when Sir Winston won WW2, and in recent times when Labour was giving free money away to everyone)
  9. They'd get a fair part of it back in taxes anyway. There is a good portion of the UK that would spunk the whole 500 on fags and hard liquor around that time of the year!
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  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    there needs to be a fundamental change in politics in this country IMO. we need politicians who are actually in it for the good of the people, not a self perpetuating pool of apparatchiks scratching each others backs, parachuting each other into safe seats and screwing as much as they can out of the system while trying to demonise anyone else for trying to pay any less tax than they should do. while screwing the police over and encouraging them to go after the soft targets, while virtually ignoring anything thats a bit awkward to deal with or might open the wrong can of worms. will something eventually give, or will we merely grumble a bit in typical english fashion?
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  11. What he said.

  12. Well the now widely loathed George Osborne has at least managed to blag really low interest rates on the national debt, mainly with smoke and mirrors rather than any real attempt at austerity which would just make things worse, clever boy.

    IDS much to my surprise has done a very difficult job in a sober, well informed and I think even well intentioned way.

    Dave is a rather agile leader in the vapid Blair mode. Being in coalition and with a lot of back benchers with UKIP after their seats isn't easy. I'd give him 6/10, he needs to be more ruthless in both sacking and publicly humiliating some of the incompetents in his cabinet.

    Could they as Jenkins suggests simply shovel free money out to ordinary folks in the manner of "Cash For Clunkers"? Tricky, try explaining that to the self righteous Tory base, eager for the wrong doers to feel the lash of austerity as was promised. A little Xmas bribe I think won't compensate. Would it work? As in the US you'd probably see some weak growth, but at this late stage it would be more about arresting the slide towards depression.

    The basis of the looming structural fiscal problem, far too many OAPs gobbling up social resources and not enough workers producing revenues would still be out there and the Tories are handicapped in dealing with this. The hard and probably necessary austerity politics of at some point when the economy is less frail slashing the already miserly UK pension rate and cutting NHS services for the elderly would be seen as grossly unfair generational warfare by the elderly Tory base. That's actually more likely to happen under Labor with it's younger likely voters facing an increasing tax burden.
  13. An excellent comment in the letters section of Metro today (and not from the comedy revolutionary Sasha Simic who seems to be published on a regular basis) about the bank crisis. Was it Labour's fault? Plainly not. Did it have anything to do with the US Sub-Prime Mortgage Market? Don't be silly.

    Thank you, Metro correpondent for clearing the scales from my eyes. The recent crash, get this, is the fault of Maggie!
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  14. I seem to recall some cynics suggesting it was in Labour's interest to loose the election anyway. Let a coalition or better still Tories then pull the yellow/black handle on the economy and come in to power on the back of hostility to the government of the day!

    It is hard to tell the difference between the two, but you just knew the minute some ******** minister popped up to have a go at people paying a sparky in cash to avoid stuff we were doomed. Is this the level of strategic thinking from our supposed betters? In the week when the amount of off-shore money is put at 13 trillion US Dollars, you'd think they'd have a look for some of that.

    £13tn hoard hidden from taxman by global elite | Business | The Observer

    And there are companies closer to home, but we're locked into this mentality that we have to kiss the arse of the City of London (probably 'cos we de-industrialised in the 1980s and rely on these charming people). If we don't keep tax low talent will go elsewhere. Talent? The idiots who crashed the our way of life and have to be bailed out time and again by you and me?

    David Gauke: Tax Avoidance Deal For Vodafone Led To 'Increasingly Hysterical' Reaction From UK Uncut

    Sometimes I think they prop someone dull up on Newsnight to chuck some smoke and hope no-one notices.

    You know, stuff like David Cameron's ex-press bloke finds out today if he's getting charged with phone hacking.

    Just like Cameron's other mate from the NoW.

    Now that's morally repugnant. Best find some news to bury that. Tactic they learned off that other pack of twunts in red.

    Can anyone remember the last time a good idea came out of the House of Commons? Maybe they should spend a summer on work experience, it would probably be a first for most of them to do an honest days work
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  15. You lead a sheltered life. There are many commentators around who blame Maggie for everything. The housing crisis (Maggie and the RTB) the number of teenage pregnancies (Maggie and the RTB forcing them out of homes) the rise in dolites who sit and home and claim benefits rather than working (Maggie and the closing of industries) Kids sitting at home watching 50 inch Plasmas and getting no exercise (Maggie and the want it all generation) Dustbins collected every two weeks (Maggie and the cutting back of public services), and, of course, the current depression. All brought about by Maggie by closing the coal mines. Amazing to think she left office 20 years ago.