Coalition EH Teams

Multi-national deployments seem to be the norm these and we've already seen the success of multi-national Role 2(E)s, so the next logical step is the multi-national coalition EH Team, though having recently served in a multi-national environment, it does throw up some interesting possibilities, not least the oppotunity of working with blond, pony tailed Dutch Prev Med Tech, a fair exchange for our body building GWAR, that said its sometimes hard to tell from behind who is male and female with the Dutch forces!!

I guess the exam question is, could it work? Not neccessarily just with EH, but with any of the small teams, Dog Units for example - how ruff hard can it be looking after dogs anyway?
Sorry boss, we're far too busy on the other thread debating whether Jaffa Cakes are biscuits or cakes to contribute anything of any worth to your question.

Can it wait until the next tri-service conference?
And since when has speckledjim been worried about the gender of a potential conquest!
I'll answer this one in my usual short and succinct manner! Yes and I reckon it will be a good thing. Working with the yanks and candians is OK but some of the dutch totty is outstanding. There was a chick in tonights dinner queue with the arrrse of a 10 y/old taewanese boy, long hair and just enough make up to keep you guessing!

She smelt like opal fruits! I'm not sure if thats good as I have been away from normal women for a while now?

Got to go 9-liner incoming!
I think there is mileage in using multi-national teams for coalition sites such as the one where speckled jim has recently spent a few months. It doesn't really matter which Nation you are when it comes to checking if the Green Bean Cafe is heating its coffee up to the required temp and that the donuts are suffiently moist with just the right amount of jam in the middle.

In forward areas where it is primarily Brits, I think the focus must remain with Brit techs. Whilst the overall thrust of prev med is the same across the board for each nation, some areas of conflict of what is acceptable still remains (such as the Danish preferring burn out latrines to DTL's - a debate which keeps me awake many a night!).

However, I do see how young, blonde, opal-fruit-smelling ladies may be a preference to the stink of pish of the 'mahoosive' gwa !??!!

Keep your head down mutley . Better shoot, my stella is getting warm !!!!!
And since when has speckledjim been worried about the gender of a potential conquest!
at least my conquests are two legged!!
One issue I was a bit uncomfortable with was looking at other coalition forces' food hygiene. Many allies haven't a clue what EH is as a concept, and are inspected by vets. I for one didn't like having to explain that I had any kind of veterinary function (albeit that I'm very fond of puppies...).

That said, chances are that we'll never deploy alone again, and most of them do have some grasp of the terminology around Prev Med/Med FP.

Multi-national teams are almost inevitable, and are already a reality in some of the staff posts, such as with ISAF. My own experience was that it worked okay - just a bit slower-paced than usual. I just hope it's my turn to deploy alongside a fit one next time, instead of the lardy bearded Croat I had on the last tour. :roll:
belerophon said:
... other coalition forces' food hygiene. Many allies haven't a clue what EH is as a concept ...
It's not just other coalition allies, belerophon.

A recent incident involving Boletus, a Gurkha chef and a bowlful of 'orange jam' (aka marmalade) illustrates just how much information can be lost in translation between soldiers from different cultures.

One of the Turkish blokes last week explained to me how he got the nickname 'Donkey' and I really wish he hadn't told me 8O 8O 8O

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