Coal walking.... It's for the easily led isn't it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sportbilly42, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. As part of a 'Motivational Event' at my son's rugby club this evening, instead of normal training they had a group hug/bonding thing which lasted a few hours and ended in a 'FireWalk' over burning coals... Perhaps these things are best enjoyed after several pints, or should only be attempted when in a drug-induced religious frenzy rather than when sober and as a substitute for a beasting session, but when my son (he's 21) limped through the door earlier on with his Hobbit feet at twice the size they should be, with blisters on the soles and any skin that isn't bright red is black-stained from the coals I couldn't contain myself and just burst out laughing....... (it didn't go down well)

    His mum's away this week so it was just me on hand to dish out sympathy and appropriate medication .... and he got fek all sympathy from me as he's always doing daft stuff (well he's allowed to and it's only to be expected as he's a big front rower for the town's first team) He won't go to A&E so he can get on with it as he seems to think a couple of Iboprufen will do the trick in a few hours..

    I've posted on his FB account that he's in tears with the pain just so that his mates know what a big girl he really is. It's 2am and he's still hopping across the corridor to the bathroom every two minutes to dunk his feet in cold water. Apart from telling him not to rub in some oily creams I guess there's nothing more for me to do other than drive him to the doc's in the morning... (He's insistent that he'll be fine in the morning and will be ok for work - not a chance)

    I suspect that the coach for the team we're meant to be playing this weekend was the 'Motivational Speaker' as he's done a good job on nobbling a couple of our players...

    I know there's already a thread or two on self-inflicted wounds but has anyone tried this firewalk business and found that Mr Reality came and bit them on the arr$e instead of it being the 'mind over matter experience they had expected?

    Or any helpful NAAFI type advice I can provide for him as part of his rehab?
  2. chrisg46

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  3. Your son's a forward isn't he?
  4. He'll be well and truly fucked if he doesn't attend surgery and the burns become infected. THEN he will really be crying.
  5. Closest I've got to that is burning the soles of my feet on the scorching white sand of St Nicholas beach on Zante when it was 50 degrees because I thought I was too man for flip flops. Aloe Vera or some of that cracked heel cream might help? Or put some grains of sand in his socks & shoes ;-)
  6. Apparently a certain type (pumicestone?) has to be used for this kind of idiotic caper. They are indeed hot on the bottom, but quite cool on the top. The club official(s) responsible should have hot coals rammed up their japseyes.
  7. He sounds backward to me.
  8. Didn't anyone mention to your son that he should keep moving once started on the walk.

    Standing there while necking a beer and grilling your feet is not a good idea.

    Sounds like someone fucked up as normally it is pretty much safe to do if everything is set up properly.

    HowStuffWorks "Firewalking Events"
  9. The Emperor doth truly walk among us.
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  10. Fang_Farrier

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    Watch the Mythbusters episode on firewalking, quite informative!

    But perhaps a couple of days too late.
  11. Wordsmith

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    And here is the technical explanation for fire walking.

    Leidenfrost effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basically it relies on the coals just glowing red, people walking over them fairly quickly and sweating enough to produce a thin film of sweat to insulate the feet for the fraction of time they're in contact with the hot coals.

    (To demonstrate the effect heat up a frying pay to significantly over 100 deg C then put a few drops of water in. They'll fizzle about and last longer than you think because they're not directly in contact with the hot surface).

    Now if your offspring had read the article (and digested the equations beforehand) his feet would have been fine...

  12. I've tried it. They got a couple of tonnes of old rail sleepers and soaked them in kero and lit it up. About an hour later the hot coals are raked level and off we stroll. I had no ill effects.

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  13. Anaesthetised by courtesy of Mr Bundaberg no doubt.
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  14. I'm sure he's not from my loins.... I blame the NAPS and BATS and other junk they pumped us with as he's a Gulf War sprog and the 'GW syndrome' has manifested in itself as some sort of condition that ensures my lad never gets above double digits in the number of grey cells in his bonce....

    I look forward to the YouTube clip someone's bound to upload. I imagine any backs daft enough to do it will have sprinted across, while my front row son and his mates will no doubt have ambled along 'manfully', looking unruffled (while internally gnashing and crushing his teeth to dust in pain)

    Well it's something for him to cross off his bucket list....
  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Sounds like a tight head prop from his actions...