Coal energy plants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Some Labour Govn't cnut was just on the news banging on about new power plants fired by clean coal. Clutching at straws me thinks by trying to secure the old union vote.

    Anyone know any northerners that want to earn some cash from digging?
  2. there are loads of chavs looking for work
  3. Northerners? You mean northern SA or northern Russia?

    The UK imports some 70% of its coal. Despite haveing about I billion tonnes of the stuff underground.
  4. What's the problem?

    We've got lots of coal in the UK, which means that we're not as reliant on imported Russian gas.

    A decent set of scrubbers and we can control the SO2/NO2 emissions and keep our Scandanavian friends happy (acid rain anyone?).

    If they can recapture CO2 as well, then everyone's happy - lots of jobs, cheaper electricity, limited environmental impact...

    Until someone realises that it's cheaper to import coal from Australia.

  5. I'm all for it buddy, but if you think that it will make the elecy cheaper you're pis*ing in the wind. Broon will just increase the taxes so that he can find some foreign nation to give the cash to. Maybe China will need a bit more by then!!!

    Just in case it comes off, might be an idea to start buying property In Barnsley for all the foreiners to live in that will get all the jobs.
  6. Have any of the people who bang on about getting coal the faintest idea how much coal extraction costs , you don't just dig a hole and start shovelling.The only way that coal can be mined economically in the UK is by open casting and no one is prepared to have an open cast mine in their locality. On top of this is the fact that mining is probably the worst job in the country (I speak as an ex miner) I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Deep mines in the UK are a thing of the past and that's how it should be.
  7. get prisoners to do it dont have to bother with safety or rescue gear
    probably be competitive with china that way. :D .
    And if they get the one of the various industrial diseases miners get thats a bonus cant commit crime if your a wheezing wreck :twisted: .
  8. Nah, you need an accountant or a lawyer for that, someone who knows what they are doing... :wink:
  9. At $140 per ton (it was around $68 this time last year, though thats partly due to the USD being toilet paper) it just got a whole lot more economical to be in the coal mining business, especially if you dont have to ship it in from South Africa or Australia as freight is pretty expensive too.
    That said I agree, the nimby crowd prob couldnt stomach the scars on the landscape. Another consideration is maybe keeping at least a bit of fuel in the ground to allow our future generations to keep warm once all the oil and gas runs out and Labour have ruined the economy so much we cant afford to import anymore. When we are a banana republic its about all we will have to sell as well.
    Back to the original point, clean(er) coal technology is improving and coal will continue to be a viable fuel long after the gas has fizzled out.
  10. Deep mined coal is exspensive. I know lots of strip mining has been going on in UK also old Coal heaps have been reprossesed.
    However Aussy coal is still cheap, for few things are more 'Efficient' than monster cargo ships that bring it half way around the world.
    Coal is in Honest terms dead in UK, just pickings.
  11. I did some contract work for a few weeks last year at a coal fired power station in Essex, the coal is not mined in the UK. The coal comes mainly from Poland and other places further afield this is due to the British coal having a too high sulphur content. (needs a low sulphur content to keep the emissions and polution down) The power station also had the capacity to hold approx 1 years worth of coal on its own coal field, so when they put the fuel prices up they have approx one years supply, with the fuel at the old price (sounds like rp off Britian to me).

  12. The reason prices go up before the coal stacks are used up is to ensure that a years supply is maintained to coner events like miners' strikes or other interruptions in supply.
  13. Also bear in mind that CO2 capture isn't energy free - so for the "dream" of having emission free (at least CO2-wise) coal burning, we'd be having to burn more to get the same useful energy output.

    And as soon as anything looks like working, Greenpeace and chums will be along to find a problem with it anyway (cf biofuels, the green favourite until the entirely predictable issue about displacing edible crop growth reared its head).
  14. Coal.

    A conspiracy by the Arab’s.

    The UK has over 100 years of untouched coal. All the old mines are designated dirty because of the water and gas.
    If we manage to stay afloat long enough by buying in Oil, gas and coal
    from the rest of the world the utility companies can increase prices and make Billions of pounds profit.
    For those that are hard of hearing BILLIONS of pounds PROFIT.
    Who owns our utility companies?
    If you don’t know the answer then you deserve to die cold and fcuking miserable.

    Maybe it’s the plan, when the “Price is Right” and the Muslims have taken over they will be able to sell coal and the extracted oil to the rest of the world.

    Carbon controlled coal fuel burning?
    The buzzword is emission dumping.
    You take the dirty emission from coal and bury it in a hole. And when the Chemical industry is ready will be able to turn it into a green friendly bum plug.
    But only when its mega profitable.

    Sorry, this boring.
  15. Coal? Feh. Go big or go home I say, let's start building nuclear.