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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. It's so long since I've done serious prone coaching, so I've completely forgotton what this group shape means:


    It's 43 shots (fired 3-10-10-10-10, breaking position between strings), 100m, prone, sling supported.

    10 ring is 28mm (1MOA)

    Rifle - AR-15, match sights, 20" bbl.
    Ammo - 52gn Sierra MK, N130, Ginex primer
  2. It means you need a rifle with more wood in its construction........
  3. And stop shaking like a sh1tting dog.

    That card looks like a box of ammo went off on the firing point.
  4. Don't worry - laser eye treatment is down to £395 per eye.

    You could get a good grouping for less than 800 squid - that's gotta be worth it!!


    You could try the M107 LRSR from the 10m point.
  5. I was getting a bit of pulse on the sling actually... could be it!

    Given that that was the equivalent of about 40 bulls on an NRA tgt I thought it wasn't /too/ bad!
  6. I think you need a bipod...... :D
  7. It would have been if you'd been shooting at 400.

    When you aim, use your open eye
  8. Har di f*cking har har.

    tw@ts. :D

    Love you all really, sloppy kisses to all. Except MDN, don't know where his tongue's been.
  9. BTW - 9 ring is 68mm, 2.18MOA, which is smaller than the 600yd NRA bull. About the same as 500yd bull, a bit larger than the 300yd one.

    Seriously, aside from pulse on the sling, is there another explanation for that diagonal group shape? (I am right handed btw)
  10. You fired nearly twenty quid's worth of ammo, but you were too cheap to pay 50p for four more target fronts? Silly...

    We can't tell whether the first few strings were tight as a drum, and the last two were spread about like a madwoman's shite; or whether there are four tight groups in four different places, or whether all four are strung out. One aiming mark per string, maximum.

    Personally, I never try and analyse groups alone; I reckon you need to combine it with watching the firer.
  11. That was the backing card, over which I fired 4 competition cards, making sure it was aligned. I'm not that dumb. Couldn't keep comp cards; didn't have camera with me. Was surprised by the overall pattern on the backer.

    1st 10-shot string was the best, over all they were generally circular gps with the odd flier

    Scores were 97-96-95-96