Coach & Ferry to JHQ Rheindahlen

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RABC, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Is a long time since I was in JHQ, and my wife wants to go back and visit some friends. There used to be a coach service that picked you up outside the NAAFi, then over on the ferry , and onwards to anywhere in UK (via Victoria coach station). Can anyone please let me know if the service still exists, and any contact details.

    many thanks
  2. It did this time last year. Prices and timetables were available at JHQ Naafi and the travel agents.
  3. Thanks - any idea who did it as I'm in UK
  4. I would also suggest the cheapo airline Ryainair. Fly into Weeze (they call it Dusseldorf) - it is 30 mins from JHQ and booked in advance can be very cheap.
  5. the company that you speak of is transline or "transdeath" why dont you fly its cheaper and quicker?
  6. Only problem it can be a balls ache getting from there to JHQ without transport. Try Air berlin into Dusseldorf. Little more expensive but much easier to get a train from. Weeze is 40 odd miles away from pretty much anything.
  7. Rab C flying is the better option as Bullshit says. The coach is a nightmare and it stops in nearly every town. Ryan air or Air Berlin, Eurowings have good deals on and cheaper than a friggin bus.

  8. Thanks guys - thats what I though, but the missus is a bit nervous flying. Dont Air Berlin do some crop spraying before they land ??
  9. Nope! I've flown with them loads of times between Stansted & Munster and took a flight from Stansted to Duss with them for New Year: their planes and pilots are as good as any (& I do loads of air travel!).
  10. I spent a lot of time early last year looking around for the best way to get from UK to what was (the last time I was there) BAOR. In the end I took what presented itself as the best option - a flight from Luton to Dortmund on EasyJet and a budget class car to run around for a couple of days.

    Quick, easy, no fuss, no bother and it worked out as cheap as pommes mit mayo.